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I need a break from the madness and other things I'd like to talk about!

Well no calls this weekend…I guess I am not on the emergency placement list, but I will call tomorrow to see exactly what I am licensed for (regular, emergency , respite foster care or all three)…

I did give a brief presentation on our Missions Program at my church..I didn’t do terribly bad (speaking that is) ..we did get a new Missions Partner, so a small gain is better than no gain….but anywho…

I must say that it help to past the time this weekend because I had so much printing and preparing to do….so Prayerfully I will get a foster care placement tomorrow (I REALLY HOPE SO!!!!)

My niece and nephew were over here AGAIN today and last night…I REALLY wish my sister would find another babysitter besides me…I don’t mind watching them..but I need a break sometimes…as it stands I watch them at least 5 days a week and…it totally ruins my schedule because my sister comes whenever she deems fit and on the weekend when they are over here because she works at night, she is sleep all day and expects me to tend to them whicle she lays in the bed all day… no way honey….

Everytime they ask me for something I tell them to go wake their mother up….I refuse to be her 24 hour a day babysitter…and she gets mad at me because they wake her up ….or when they destroy my house and she doesn’t want to clean it up and I tell them they can’t touch anything in my house because their mom won’t clean it up….. She wants to get an attitude and leave.. well oh well….She really needs other options…..Let me try to drop my kids off over to her house and sleep all day and have my kids trash her house and me not clean it up and we’ll see how much she likes it….

Then she gone brush me off when I told her the first night my kids get placed her kids can’t come over here AND I MEAN IT!!! I don’t need all the extra stress…Having to transition my child into my home is going to be hard enough..I don’t need her hard headed children over here
SORRY I really do love them..but I need a break…This was SUPPOSED to be my only day without them and they were here…Heck I plan to have plenty of sitters…I know there are going to be times when I need a break from my kids myself…

Well I guess I’ll go now

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