400185_10152525553330599_1855153824_nSome days I wish I was a “normal” person with a “normal” life.

A normal mom in a 2 parent family with normal kids who are not “emotionally damaged” and don’t have ADHD and didn’t come from a history of abandonment and neglect and don’t have behavior problems and didn’t wish that their “superhero” birth parents that abandoned them (whom they don’t even remember) would come by and rescue them every time I have to discipline them. Yes, I wish I could get some normal!

A normal employee/business owner with a normal job/business where I didn’t have to run people down to pay me the money they rightfully owe me. Where nobody is asking for a discount or the hook up…Where people recognize that giving them a discount takes food out of my kids’ mouths…Yes, I wish I could get some normal!

A normal friend that had other friends who actually understand me, love me in spite of me, invited me into their lives not just to their events and hung out with me just because they liked my company. Instead of a  being a lonely recluse that people think is peculiar and they never know what to say to me. ( I just want to go on record to say I appreciate my handful of real friends I do have ) Yes, I wish I could get some normal!

A normal wife, fiancee or girlfriend with a normal husband, fiance or boyfriend. Instead of a woman deeply and desperately in love with a man who cannot love me back the way I deserve to be loved. At least not at this time anyway……Yes, I wish I could get some normal!

Yes I know “normal” lives really do no exist…but I can still wish ….can’t I?

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