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If everyone loves Chocolate..then why are ya'll always hating on Chocolate Girls?

In honor of my 50th Blog Post. I thought I would share 50 Random, but very meaningful thoughts… Here goes..Hope you enjoy! These are in no specific order…hence the term feel free to leave a matter of fact I wholeheartedly welcome them.

50. One day I am going to adopt a little girl from Haiti and name her Destiny.

49. I can’t stop watching RENT the movie….I am officially a RENTHEAD!

48. If everyone loves Chocolate..then why are ya’ll always hating on Chocolate Girls?

47. I have no clue why Jesus loves me, but I am glad that he does!

46. What’s the purpose of going to college, if when you graduate you don’t make anymore than people who didn’t go to college?

45. How do you document real life, when real life’s getting more like fiction each day?-(Quote from Rent, told you I was RENTHEAD!)

44. How am I suppose to be somebody’s mama…when I am big kid myself?

43. Where’s the beef?

42. What day is this and in what month, this clock never seem so alive?

41. How much wood would a wood chuck chuck, if a wood chuck, could chuck wood?

40. What do you do the day after all your dreams come true?

39. I can’t tell if love is real or an illusion we make up in our head….does it really exist?

38. I believe I can fly..Really I do!

37. If one more male tells me I don’t wanna mess with him because he will “taint me” I am going to scream..Like I don’t have an control over what I do and don’t do…

36. The prettiest thing I’ve seen was a Holy Ghost Girl!-aka ME

35. But I die without you…(Again a RENT QUOTE)

34. Why is MYSPACE so addicting?

33. Why am I single?

32. Why do I think I a supermodel?…lol

31. And so does my niece?

30. Would you light my candle?-YET ANOTHER RENT QUOTE

29. I see your true colors shining through!

28. Why are some of the finest men gay?

27. I’m getting my hair done tomorrow and I am going to think I am cute. Just wanted to prewarn

26. Nights like this I wish that rain drops would fall!

25. It’s so good , good, loving somebody when somebody loves you back..but it hurts like h— when the don’t love you back!

24. They call me, They call me….Mi Mi…..(Sadly another RENT quote)

23. I want at least 8 kids….Mostly adopted

22. How come my male friends think I am such a great catch, but none of them will date me?

21. Why are 98% of us just existing..with no real purpose in life?

20. Superman’s my hero!

19. Jesus is SUPERMAN!

18. Why do people you hang around everyday have crushes on you for years and never tell you and you would have never known if it hadn’t been that mutual friend of both of yours who told you?

17. Will you marry me? Will I ever hear this? Heck I am getting old!

16. Why do we always want what we can’t have and when we’re told we can’t have it.. it becomes our mission to get the thing we were told that we couldn’t have? I think I just like the challenge of it! I don’t like people telling me what I can and can’t have, it makes me want what I was told I can’t have even more)

15. Why do men in Tennessee want you to pursue them?

14. Jesus is the air I breath!

13. How do you get to me?..Persistence…I tell ya……. persistence!

12. What are you so afraid of? Don’t be scurred!

11. How could you let somebody lay where I laid? How could you give her everything that we made?

10. Emotion is taking me over…caught up in sorrow..lost in a song! Why the heck am I so emotional!

9. Why do men lie to you and tell you that they like you, when in actuality what they really mean is they lust for you? Nigga just tell the truth!

8. My printer prints out good pictures.

7. You should let me love you. let me be the one to give everthing you want and need, Baby good love and protection, make me your selection, show you the way love’s suppose to be (Ok I am having a Mario moment- I met him once a few years ago….)

6. When will “best case scenario” finally happen? Will it ever happen?

5.Am I just some coat you can just take off and put on whenever you feel like it? Well that’s how I feel!

4. Do dreams really come true?
3. Lord please teach me not to be so anxious.

2. Love Spell from Victoria Secrets really works..Go get some and buy me some too!

1. My name is Farrah..I’m 5’6 I like bright skinned dudes with good hair who aren’t too tall, and have an athletic build, who love Jesus and long walks on the beach at night. I’m currently taking applications for a few good men..Just Kidding (heck maybe I’m not)

Thank you Ladies and Gentleman, you’ve been a good audience…..Farrah has left the building!

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