It’s Saturday and I am sitting here doing nothing..Usually I am working , but I decided after staying up all night preparing for a presentation I had this morning, that I wasn’t doing any work today!!!!! So now what do I do?

I used to go to the movies all the time by myself, but since I don’t watch TV, I have no clue what is playing and I don’t want to go out by myself.

My mom is gone out of town, my lil sister is gone out of town and my older sister is braiding someone’s hair. I called all of my friends in Jax…(well the ones who I wanted to talk to)and no answer….Now any other day I don’t have time to do anything and everybody’s always asking me to go somewhere and I can’t. Now I have nothing but time, no where to go and no friends to hang out with.

But anyway, so goes the story of life….

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