Well it’s official….I’m gonna be a mommy…..I start my Foster Care/Adoption classes On November 27, 2006 and I finish on Dec 2, 2006…According to the paperwork I received, I should be licensed within 4 months, (but others have told me to expect longer)….and I am expecting a placement shortly after..so hopefully I will be a mommy by next summer…. YAY!


I’m thinking if I get a girl (which is what I really want), I will name her Parris Ashlynn Albertie or Pharris Ashlynn Albertie, but I also like Kai’a (Ky- uh) Ashlynn Albertie or MiKai’a (Muh-Ky- uh) Ashlynn Albertie

I’m thinking Markys Lynard Albertie for a boy (I have had this name forever for my son) or Parrish Lynard Albertie or Parrish Ashton Albertie
Parris Lynard Albertie or Parris Ashton Albertie
Pharris Lynard Albertie or Pharris Ashton Albertie

I thought I would continue our name..my grand dad’s name was was Ferris Sr, My dad’s name is Farris, Jr and my name is of course Farrah, hence the Parris, Pharris, Parrish etc…

What do you think?

Why Foster to Adopt?

I am still adopting from Haiti, But I couldn’t wait any longer to be a mommy so I decided to sign up for the Foster to adopt program. I can only take in infants because I live in a one bedroom, but that’s fine with me.. and infants, from what I’ve been told, are in abundance (many straight from the hospital) in my county….and by the time my baby turns one..I’ll be moved (hopefully into my house) but if not into a larger apt….

I’m only taking in foster kids who are expected to be TPR’d, (Adoptable) or who have already been TPR’d. I don’t want to be a Foster Only parent..I am doing moreso to adopt. I don’t think I could handle kids coming and going right now (maybe after I adopt, I will try foster only) I know there is always a chance a child who is a legal risk will be reunified or go to a relative, but I don’t really want to get all attached to a child I KNOW is not going to be staying

What about Haiti?

Don’t worry, I haven’t given up on my dream……In Mid 2007, I will be starting the adoption process for Haiti, which is expected to take 9-18 months so it will be 2008 or 2009, before my Haitian baby (ies) come home and it will give me a year (give or take a few months to bond with my first child)….I know it’s kinda close, but I’m not getting any younger…..lol

I am determined to adopt from Haiti debt free…so I am saving now.. I save ALL my change and all my $1 bills and I put it in a bank that is labeled “Destiny Dollars” because Destiny is the name of my future Hatian daughter…lol (Destiny Teresa (Tuh -Ray – Sa) Albertie-I’m considering Teresa for her middle name after Mother Teresa- the woman I aspire to be like)

I wanted to start my homestudy in January, but I will probably wait until next summer..cause again I plan on doing this debt free and my estimated total fees are $15,000-$17,500 and let’s just say I am not quite there yet..lol

I am also praying for more business for my web design company and I have a few side business ventures I am cooking up to fundraise and for future income…I am hoping these business ventures will turn into something I can do full time in the next 2-3 years ..so I can be a work at home mommy with my babies…

well that’s enough from me…

Final thoughts….

I will be putting up an adoption only blog for my foster care to adoption process only soon
and I also am almost finish with my Haiti adoption blog as well..the Haiti will mostly have fundraising progress for now until Mid 2007, when all the fun begins again.. ‘Ill let you know the links, once I get them up….

Well, It looks like I will have at least 2 kids before I am 30…..I had to get started… I’ll be 27 in a little over a month….I’m an old lady..lol….be nice if Ihad a daddy for those kids soon..lol!!!!

Please pray for me! I need it bad!!!

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