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I'm Officially Licensed to be a Foster Parent!!!

Well as of last night I am officially licensed….Got the news today around 1 something..and literally about 30-45 min later I called to take a little boy and I turned the placement down….I felt so bad…

There was nothing wrong with him, but since I am trying to adopt a little girl and they won’t let them share rooms and I only have one other room and he is too old to sleep in my room according to Florida foster care laws…I said no

They had a few other kids too, but they were all boys and all too old to sleep in my room….
I need another room!!!! I can’t stop thinking about the poor little guy!
Also found out that they licensed me for 2 and not 4..but that is cool…cause 4 would be really too much for me right now

Well I’ll proabbly get another call before the week is out…

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