Ok, I have attempted to keep a blog up before and I always fell off after a while, but I am really going to do it this time! This blog will detail my thoughts, goals, and things that are going on in this everyday journey called my life.

This will include adventures in My Spiritual Life, Real Estate Investing, Purchasing My 1st Home, Web/Graphic Design and other Freelance Projects, My Adoption Journey, My Love Life (Currently non-existent)…lol, and other topics of interest. I hope you enjoy and feel free to leave comments..I would love to hear what you have to say. Thanks for reading my blog.

My Spiritual Life- I LOVE JESUS

I have been saved since I was 14 y/o …I am currently 25, for anyone who wants to know. I absolutely love Jesus. I have had some ups and downs in my spiritual life, but overall my faith in Jesus has remained pretty strong. Here I will detail my testimonies, my triumphs and my struggles in my spiritual life.

Real Estate Investing- UG BUYS UGLY HOUSES!

Well I recently got interested in Real Estate Investing. I am starting off as a bird dog (property scout) for a great Atlanta based investment firm. I am their first bird dog in Jacksonville. Which provides me a GREAT opportunity to grow and learn with this company and to become a very successful investor myself….Which is my ultimate goal.

If you want to be a bird dog in Jacksonville, FL please holla at me. This is a great opportunity to make several thousand dollars in extra cash a month and you don’t even have to quit your current job…. I only scout 1-2 days a a week for about 1-3 hours and usually find about 20 different properties by just driving around.. This doesn’t include what I find on the internet and the ones I get from people who contact me personally. If you know anyone who wants to sell their home holla at me.

I will be putting up goals and progress on my bird dogging and my real estate investing. Currently, I am being trained and have already found about 40-50 potential leads. I will let you know how that goes in the next few months.

Web Design

I have been designing websites since 1999 and over the years I have done more websites than I can count. I have leads for about 3 new web design clients now. YAY!- MONEY!!! Also still waiting on some of my clients to pay me for past work!-UGH! But I guess it comes with the territory. If you need a website designed PLEASE CONTACT ME…..I could really use the money.

My First Home

I am embarking on the journey of purchasing my own home…Many think it will be impossible for me considering my bouts with unemployment over the past 2 years..but I believe that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE THROUGH CHRIST JESUS!

I have learned so much from researching real estate investing, I believe that I will be able to purchase my first house for me to personally live in by November 30, 2005 . Yeah that isn’t that far away. I praying to turn all these new contacts I have made with real estate investors into a lease to own or 100% seller financed situation. I am hoping to have a minimum of $5000-$10,000 for down payment, furniture and other expenses by November 1, 2005…. Yeah I know it may be hard..but not impossible..I will keep you posted on the progress.

House, Down Payment and other expenses progress- as of July 8, 2005

1. In the process of searching for houses, etc…
2. $0 in down payment and other expenses saved
3. 4 months and 22 days until I move into my home
4. 3 months 23 days until I will have my down payment

My Love Life- Or lack therof..(lol)

Ok..I’m 25, No Kids, VERY SINGLE…lol (Does anyone want to hook me up?-J/K maybe) Waiting on God to provide me with that husband I always dreamed about. (WHERE ARE U?) I haven’t had a boyfriend since 1996. (When I was 16 y/o) and I haven’t really been on date since 2001… No I’m not a nun…..I am just very picky!

There always seems to be something about the men who approach me that would keep me from pursuing a relationship with them. (ie… goals in life-no ambition; different religion or unequally yoked; don’t want to wait until marriage to have sex, etc….)

I have had interest in a couple of guys (1 or 2) recently, but I don’t know if that will lead to anything for several different reasons. But I am sure if it doesn’t, I will always be good friends with them. (As Usual) I have SOOOO many male friends…. it is ridiculous ….AM I NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO DATE? Oh I am good enough to listen to all their problems about their girlfriend, or stay up with them helping them solve whatever problem they have, or be that buddy they hang out with, but not to date! OK I am stepping off my soap box…

LORD please help me be patient ….

My Adoption Journey- I’m going to be a mommy!

Well, I have known that I would adopt a child, since i was a child myself (Around 8-9 y/o). I remember there was an article in the newspaper about these 3 infant boys who were available for adoption. My mom tried desperately to get my dad to adopt, but to no avail. He just plain out refused….I was SO DEVASTATED!!! I decided then and there that I would adopt as many children as they would let me have (when I got old enough)

Fast forward about 10 years. I began doing research on adoption. I even did one of my college research papers on Interracial/Transracial a 95% A on it (smile). But anyway, I also began my love affair with the internet and this is where I really began to learn about adoption.

Originally, I only wanted to adopt domestically from the foster care system and NEVER even did research on International Adoption and then I began doing research on Missions Work in Orphanages and I came across all these sites on International Adoption..Particularly a lot in Haiti..Ok this is where my love affair with Haiti began. I immediately wanted to adopt from Haiti, but I was 22 at the time and you had to at least be 25….So I waited and in the meantime I visited Haiti in May 2004 at age 24. (Best experience of my life)

But wouldn’t you know….Haiti just recently started REALLY enforcing their adoption laws and this is making it very difficult for anyone who is under the age of 30 to adopt. But I am praying that this will change before January 2007 (The month I plan to officially start my homestudy-One of the 1st steps in the adoption process).

If not, I am also considering adopting from Ethiopia, Jamaica, Liberia, Vietnam (they are about to re-open the program) or the US. Ethiopia is my top second choice (after Haiti) as of right now.

I want my first adopted child to be a girl between the ages of 0-7 y/o. My original desire was to adopt a girl 2-5 y/o. But I have widened my choices. When the time comes I may have changed my mind again, so I probably would be willing to adopt a child or up to 3 children of any gender ages 0-8 y/o. But who knows what God will have in store by then. I may be married by then..and then I will have to wait until we have been married at least 1-2 years to adopt…who knows ?!?!?

I am also considering fostering a child (and potentially adopting) before Jan 2007, but we’ll see…. I’ll keep you posted.

To do an international adoption, I am going to have to save a lot of money. $12,000-$16,000. I am putting demand on myself to have all of it by Jan 2007. I will post my progress here….I enlisting you guys to keep me on track with all of these goals..If you see my slacking leave a comment, so I can get back on the ball.

Adoption & Expenses progress- as of July 8, 2005

1. In the process of researching, education, making friends & planning to be a mommy
2. $0 of adoption expenses saved
3. 1 year, 5 months until I start adoption process in Jan 2007


Well I am going to go now..I have been typing way to long…See you!

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