I took the boys to a concert the other night and I must say that I was impressed by their behavior..I go to concerts quite frequently (because they are free for me 🙂 ) and I usually go alone or I only take D to concerts because B …well He’s B!!!!  LOL!

They had a great time at the concert which was held at a youth sanctuary at a church. It was a local friend of mine who is a Christian rap artist.  But not only did they have a great time……..They ended up on the stage (Yes on the stage…) singing dancing etc…. I was really surprised especially by B…..Not only were they up there on the stage..They plum took it over..I was impressed by their confidence. They usually only act this way at home or with people they know… Well B anyway….

I’m seriously thinking of pursuing getting them into the arts….I work with entertainers on a weekly basis. Wouldn’t it be so awesome if my kids were my next clients?!!?!?

Don’t worry I’m not one of those psycho stage moms and I wouldn’t force them to do anything. But I have long saw this potential in D…and always joked about him being one of those cute little sitcom kids…it is scary how well he makes up jokes and delivers punchlines…He’s been doing this forever… He’s not shy at all….And can remember lines from movies and shows like nobody’s business….I can easily see him being an actor or comedian.

He’s also really into sports….At 2 years old he was the only child I know who would sit down and watch an entire football game….and every time he sees men playing football he has always joined in, like he knew what he was doing…even at age 2 years old.

B..I think would be better with playing instruments (specifically the drums) or singing and dancing.. He’s always singing and can surprisingly carry a little tune.

One of my clients’ mother once did a Mother’s Day message at a concert I was at and she talked about discovering and investing in your child’s potential from an early age. She invested so much time and money into all of her children. Even to the point of her giving up food (for herself, not the kids) so they could pursue their dreams. Her son (my client) ended up getting offered several division 1 football scholarships, BUT turned them down because he believed God wanted him to minister through music (something else his mom invested in while he was young)

He started playing piano at age 5 and has been singing all his life. He became the minister of music at his church at age 11 and now he is a international Gospel recording artist traveling the world and ministering to the masses. He was also recently in a movie…Just because his mom and later his step dad invested their all into them….His step dad literally gave up his job and moved all the way across the country without his family to get a better job to finance his sons’ career….I have never met a family like them in my life…..I tease all the time about his mom and dad adopting me….lol

He even wrote a song about how his mom told him he he was a genius, a superstar,and the greatest long before anyone knew who he was and how he didn’t believe her and NOW people recognize him everywhere, sing every word to his songs..and how he travels the world and he goes on to say in the song at the end of the night he come backs and sees him mom smiling saying son what did you expect? – Powerful song..Powerful message….

They taught/are teaching me an awesome life lesson….Recognize your kids potential, whether it be academic, the arts/entertainment, sports, politics, missions, ministry-WHATEVER , BELIEVE IN THEM WHEN NO ONE ELSE DOES.… and Invest/Sow into in them while they are young and watch God bring the Harvest

Thank you God for the valuable lesson…. 😀

And for your amusement I included some pics on the boys on stage at the concert the other night. D is in the Black !ronman shirt ..B is in the red one


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  1. Dee on August 12, 2010 at 12:44 am

    Wow…that’s wonderful!!! I totally agree in investing in our children when they are young…you are giving them fuel for their “fire” and that can help keep them on the right path!!!!

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