I took the boys to the park after I picked them up from daycare today. This particular park has a mini water park in it..so I let the boys play and play ..we had a grand ole time. This lady walked by and she was playing and taking with Destructo, because he’s a major flirt…If I had given him a few minutes, he would have been trying to kiss her…lol

But anyway the lady was like, How old is he?
I said, 15 months today and then she hesitated and then stuttered out : Is that your baby? (Referring to Destructo)
I said YES! (PROUDLY) all 3 of them are my boys!!!
She then looked at me puzzled., like there is no way they could be your boys..she just said ok (like yeah right) and walked away…

I don’t know if she was more confused because B &D looking nothing like me..or that B & Chocolate Thunder (CT) are the same size even though they are 7 months apart… or because I look too young to have 3 children (still getting mistaken for a teenager – Life’s great!!!)

But anyway, I just thought that was interesting

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