Well, I just completed the last step that I had to actively participate in with the Foster Care process…..My last homestudy visit!!! She just had me go over my homestudy……she took a few pics of my apartment. I asked a few questions and she left. It took all of about 20-25 min.

I am so excited! She just has to make one small change on my homestudy-my date of birth- and then it is off to her supervisors for approval and then to DCF….. My licensing worker said they should be able to submit tomorrow, but no later than Thursday…

I did however, find out that one of the people at DCF who approves FC Applications had a death in the family this week…so everyone else is having to take on his caseload…so that may be slowing down the process…but I am ok with that….Whenever I am approved is ok with me….

Oh yeah, and get this she said I can submit my Foster Care Homestudy (which they give you a copy of) to the online photolistings if I find a child on there I am interested in adopting as well……..

Boy I am so tired, I have been up since 4 something this morning….

Final Thoughts: I am officially waiting!! I’m “due” any day now!

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