But the official word didn’t come about who you might think…I still haven’t gotten word about the results of the match staffing for Lil Miss Sunshine. The social worker did say she would call me though and discuss the concerns I had, so maybe they didn’t decide today..

But anyway, Lightning will be moving in Friday!!!! I visited with the boys cw’s supervisor and she said that FOR SURE that his current foster mom is not going to adopt him and they WILL NOT be considering her friend because maintaining sibling relationships is more important than him living with a family friend who he is “familiar” with. I asked the supervisor how soon L will be moving in she said..as soon as you want him…WHAT?!!?!? She told me that she wanted to move him in as soon as I am ready. I was like well Friday will be good..so Friday it is…..I don’t think current FM is going to like this AT ALL, especially since his birthday is next Monday…I didn’t even think about that before I told her that…He may be having a party or something…I may call her and tell her to wait until next weekend…I don’t want to be cruel….WOW..I am going to seem so insensitive!!! I am going to call them and see did they have anything planned…..DOPE! I’ll call her tomorrow…

But anyway….Supervisor seems to think the adoption process will take only another 3 months (OMG!?!?!?!) She also seems to think that parents will surrender their rights….

I also found out that my boys cw got another job and will no longer be overseeing case (obviously), but the person taking over is the case is VERY familiar with the case and already knows the boys..so I’m excited about that!!!

In other news….

They didn’t accept the offer on the house I wanted….(sigh!!!) but all hope is not lost!!!! I still have a few options left!!! Please pray that God’s will be done!!!

Please continue to pray for my church, Pastor and Bishops!!!

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