Just because I am crazy like that. I decided to create/piece together my kid’s home school curriculum(including scope and sequence and lesson plans) instead of buying it….There are a few textbooks I MUST HAVE that I am going to purchase!!! But most of it is created /pieced together through information I found on the internet, at the library, my old textbooks from when I used to teach and other free resources.

We start our next cycle of school mid June! I am excited and I feel like I can teach so much better because I have a better grasp of what I am teaching because I have researched it thoroughly and out it together myself …#WhoKnewI’dLoveHomeschoolingSoMuch #DefinitelyWasn’tMe LOL

I am going to be doing a series of  post of how I came up with it and what we will be learning . I will also show you the FREE resources I used for the majority of it.

Who said homeschooling had to be expensive?

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