Hey everybody. It has been months and months since I blogged anything, so I thought I would fill you guys in on my life.
Well I am still teaching…..Somedays I want to run away screaming, others I’m really glad that I chose to be a teacher. I have NEVER had this much responsibilty in my life. It is truly challenging!!!! But the salary is pretty good for a starting teacher, especially considering I just got a raise and I now make $1857 more a year than when I started in August and I get raises like that pretty much every year-I guess I can’t complain….(Well I could, but I won’t)
I am currently working on ways to decrease disruptive behavior (CURRENTLY A MAJOR PROBLEM) and better strategies to help my students master all the standards.
I got my Temporary Teachng Certificate in the mail the other day…Umm I think that is it…
But anyway on to other things…
Well my sister and her children are planning to move to Rockford, Illinois. My mom keeps switching back and forward on whether or not she is going up there with them or not. I’ll keep you posted.
I actually got a mortgage broker that can help me get a house soon, but I decided to wait a little while for several reasons….ONE – If my mom goes to Rockford, she’ll need someone to live in her house and keep the mortgage current, because she doesn’t want to sell it. TWO – I want to adopt soon….I’ll explain more on that later….THREE – Since I haven’t been on my job that long and my credit isn’t exactly A+, my interest rate will be a little higher than I want it to be, which means my housing selection is greatly limited and FOUR – I want to save more money…(FOr those who have been following my blog, I actually have gotten some money saved…it’s not thousands..but it’s more than have been able to save in the past, which is GREAT!!!…So I’m going to give it a year or two..I’ll keep you posted…
I have a new friend named James….I known him for about 2 months or so…For all those who are thinking it..(NO he’s not that kind of friend….) He’s just a real cool person to hang out with. I also have some nice new friends/associates at the school I work at…It is good tyo work with people that you like and can actually get along with…Which is not always the case at a lot of work places.
It’s official..well not yet..but I am making plans to start the adoption process in January of 2006 (That’s like 2 months away)….I may start before then. It kind of depends on the program I decided to go with…..(Foster Care, Private or International.) Each has it’s pros and cons……Right now I am strongly leaning towards foster care…..for several reasons..One being cost..It is substantially cheaper than the 2 other options..but also because I would most likely receive a monthly subsidy, maybe Medicaid and daycare..but anyway..I’ll keep you posted..I think I am goign to start a website just for the adoption….I’ll keep you posted

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