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Just when you think you have it all figured out…

….life comes along and punches you in the gut!

Well our life has completely changed since the last time I posted in May.  I got a frantic call from the nurse in the VA where my dad goes for his primary care, saying that he needed to get to the ER immediately.  Every since that day my life was drastically altered.To make a long story short my dad was hospitalized with kidney failure (which has since corrected it self with NO DIALYSIS- God is awesome!) But we also found out he had gout and  has cancer. For quite a while he couldn’t walk. Me and the boys ended up moving in with him full time.

To say it has been a hard adjustment would be an understatement. My father, God bless his heart, is very stubborn and verbally abusive. Guess what I am not a child anymore, so I fire back! Now that he is able to do more for himself, he still refuses to do so, believing that because I am living with him I am LITERALLY supposed to wait on him hand and feet and hop, skip and jump to his every command! He seems to have the misguided illusion that he is doing me some big favor by us living here. MIND YOU, I was perfectly happy in my apartment, where my rent was paid ON TIME EVERY MONTH with no assistance from anyone. AND we did not NEED to move in with him. I DID IT  SOLELY TO HELP HIM GET BACK ON HIS FEET! Not because we needed a rent free place to live.

Let’s just say it makes for many very unpleasant days. I sacrificed or postponed everything ..LITERALLY everything (my apartment, my business, my kids, my spiritual life, my friendships, my social life etc…) to help him out and although I love my dad..I seriously regret it!  If he wasn’t so verbally abusive..all the other  inconveniences and sacrifices would be a lot easier to stomach. But  to give up EVERYTHING and then to be put down and degraded daily by someone is very hurtful! If I had it to do over again, I would not have given up so much. That’s what I get for putting others desires before my kids and my own..Lesson Learned….won’t happen again!

Well since I have been helping him out so much, which also includes driving him every few days to a neighboring city 90 minutes ONE WAY to get his chemo treatment, my business has taken a HUGE blow and along with it my finances (which is one reason why I haven’t left here yet)…..Right before this happened I got a little into affiliate marketing so I do have a site up that makes a a few dollars a month, but nothing to live on…If you get a chance stop by and check it out and if you like it please purchase, PLEASE, you are helping to put food in my babies mouth 🙂 Here is the link: FIRST  BLACK PRINCESS – A site dedicated to Disney’s First Black Princess- Princess Tiana

Speaking of my babies, they had a pretty awesome summer. My twin came down from New Jersey again with her boys and they had a staycation here in the city I live in. I was able to join them for a few days to enjoy the beach, but I was mostly back and forth with my dad. D got to go on his first plane ride and also got to ride back by himself, courtesy of his Auntie..

Last Monday we started back to home school, my home school plans got way altered. I wasn’t able to do much this summer, besides reading, due to my dad’s illness. So my AWESOME curriculum plan I spent forever coming up with didn’t get implemented and when we did start this past Monday, it had to be altered.  I ended  being given a 1st Grade LifePac by some people at my church and although it is a lot more paperwork than I wanted to use, we will use it for the time being. Just because I don’t have much time to pull from the internet and other free sources.

Although we are still doing Bible, Health and Art, for the time being I have nixed the formal Music curriculum. I still am doing project based learning and just using Lifepac to guide us with things to do. We are highly supplementing with several other videos, games, books, and field trips. Our first field trip is this Friday. And this is the beauty of home school. THE FLEXIBILITY….if something isn’t working–SIMPLY CHANGE IT….try changing something that easily when your child is in public or private school…It’s dang near me I know first hand.

But anyhoo….I think I may add another chapter to the Chronicles of Nausea….still single, but a few notable mentions….