Yesterday, my mom’s older sister passed away…

She had been sick the past few months, but it was still unexpected….

She got up that morning her daughter said she was laughing and joking ..she was having a good day and wasn’t even feeling bad that day….

She went and picked up her friend from work, she had something to eat, she laid down and now she sleeps forever…she never woke up again…Her friend went to check on her and said she wasn’t breathing.. He attempted CPR until the rescue arrived… They attempted to resuscitate her all the way to the hospital, but she was already gone…

It’s so sad…my grannie just passed last year and now her oldest daughter is gone too… She was only 53 years old….

Life is so got me to thinking, I let so much of life pass me by…….So from now on I am determined to laugh more. I am determined to love more and I am determined to live more because tomorrow may never come and I don’t want to get to the end of my life and look back and wish I had laughed, loved and lived!

I Love You and I’ll always miss you Auntie Tracy…..RIP

My mom and her 2 sisters at my Grannie’s funeral last year…My aunt Tracy is on the right
This is my aunt Tracy with the hat on..last year at my Grannie’s funeral

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