So as I promised in my Homeschool Support Group Post, I would tell you all about our trip to Legoland. We went to Legoland Florida on May 4, 2012  with the Homeschool Fellowship at my church. and I paid a total of $44 for all 3 of us to go and that included parking. If I had gone without the homeschool fellowship, it would have paid over $200 )

Legoland is an awesome place for younger children, but I’d have to venture to say that most people over the age of 12, probably won’t get as much as enjoyment out of it as the little kids.  But I think that may change as they get more years under their belt and have more time to develop the park.

They allow school groups to bring in food and drink. I did not buy anything while I was at LegoLand. Not one single thing! My kids and I brought our lunch and drinks and I carried it around in our bookbags. But they also allow school groups to leave their lunch in a designated area. They do have an all you can eat pizza buffet that I believe was $10.99 for adults and $6.99 for kids. So there are affordable eating options if you do not want to bring a lunch.

They are opening up a Water park on May 26, 2012 and I believe that will add more value to the park. However, I believe that they will be charging an additional price to also get into the Water park, which I don’t think will go over to well in their favor. The regular admissions rate is already $75 for adults and $65 for kids. In my opinion that is way too high when there are other more established Amusement Parks in the near vicinity that offer more than they do, for only a slightly higher price.

In my opinion, they need to lower their prices AND include the price of admission to the water park with regular admission like Wild Adventures in Valdosta, Ga. does. Especially, if they plan on competing with Disney, Universal Studios etc. If I had a choice of paying the $80-$95 to get in Disney or Universal or the $65-75 to get in LegoLand, I would choose Disney or Universal, because I think it is a better value for your money.

I loved the Cypress Gardens section they kept from the old Cypress Gardens theme park. (Which is what Legoland used to be be) but my favorite part of LegoLand Florida was Mini Land. In Mini Land they have lego replicas of several major cities. It is said that they used more than 30 million legos to create Mini Land, I think the detail they paid in building the cities is phenomenal!    See the photos below


The First Family – I love the attention to detail!

The kids really loved the Driving School and they loved how they could each get their own car and they got a “license” at the end. When driving school was over! They also REALLY loved the water show at Pirates Cove!

The lines were fairly short and we never had to wait more than a few minutes to get on anything, and this was the case ALL DAY LONG! Not just in the morning. which is awesome for kids who are impatient! 🙂 It was also great that my kids could ride every ride they wanted to get on. D had to be escorted on a few because he was under 48 inches, but they let B ride with him, so I didn’t necessarily have to be the one who escorted him.

Overall, I  absolutely would go again, but only if I can get the discounted homeschool rates…However I personally don’t see myself going at the regular admissions prices, especially if I have to pay more for the Water Park.


 Have you been to Legoland Florida?

What was your experience?

Did you go with a homeschool group?

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