B & D Library Day

One thing I have recently added to our home school schedule is Library Days – Our first one was March 29, 2012.  We go every week to week and a half and I let the boys pick out 3 books they would like to read (or have read to them, if it is too difficult for them to read). I also let them  pick out 3 videos to watch during the week.

Our local library is awesome, because:

  • They allow you to place things on hold ahead of time on their website and pick up when they are ready – So no searching the shelves! Just pick up, check out and go!
  • They also let you request and hold  books from other branches.
  • You can return materials to any branch, not just the branch you checked it out from.
  • They have self check out. No waiting in long lines!
  • They have regular weekly activities, that include story time,  gymnastics,  board and video game days,  sign language classes, computer classes,  art classes, movie days, acting classes, and much more.  ALL FOR FREE! The kids can go to their FREE classes and I can do work for my business on my laptop at the library for 1-4 hours. Can you say FREE BABYSITTING!  lol WIN!- WIN! 

Beside all the awesome perks of our local library, Library Days are great for my home schoolers because:

  • They allow us to get out of the house and the boys see it as a “Field Trip Day”
  • It encourages them to love reading!
  • I get to pick up FREE books, videos and other curriculum items that I would otherwise have to pay for.  For example:

Do you do Library Days with your home schoolers? Tell me about it on the comments section!

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