Well, for the first 2 week of being a SAHM, I thought that I would go utterly insane!!!! But I must say that we are managing much better now, even enjoying it (GASP) The constant chatter and the super loud talking gets on my nerves, but I have found a wonderful solution. See photo below:

Best $3 I ever spent in my life! Before I get flamed about the safety hazards… Contrary to popular belief, You can still hear everything with ear plugs, but it TREMENDOUSLY reduces the noise level! So instead of the noise sounding like a blaring siren, it sounds more like a soft spoken child….

Today is the day they make the decision about who gets accepted into grad school. They said they will mail something by next week. So we shall see next week…

D and I had a special day with just me and him at the zoo about 2 weeks ago. I had an extremely good day. I was surprised at how much easier it is with just one child. He was so well behaved, I was wondering if he was feeling well (LOL) I wasn’t even stressed at all after we left the zoo, so went to the movies and then to the mall… I must say that had both B and D been there. I would have been finished after the zoo. I didn’t even realize how much they feed off of eachother.

B went to my sisters house and she also commented on how well behaved B was and that he wasn’t talking and asking 200 questions ever 5 seconds….That in itself is a major miracle….

Other people who have kept them individually have commented on how good their behavior was without the other being there. But anywho..here are some pics of our day at the zoo

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  1. a Tonggu Momma on February 12, 2009 at 7:34 pm

    I wish I’d been smart enough to think of earplugs. WHY didn’t I???

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