Well it has been forever since I posted anything. Umm let me see what has been going on.

Well, first my Grannie past away on April 17, 2006. It was extremely hard for my family, because nobody that close to us has ever died. Sometimes I just bust out crying at the littlest thinsgs that remind me of her.. Like last Thursday at work- The day that would have been my Grannie’s 87th birthday -I just could not stop crying. And today was out first mother’s day without her. It was so sad..My mom just bust out crying in church today..and if you know my mom that is EXTREMELY unusual for her. So we all started crying again. After church we went to her grave site…I didn’t get out of the car….I feel like that body that is in the ground is not my Grannie. It is just the shell that she inhabited while she was here on earth. My Grannie is in heaven…Not in a 6 foot deep plot underground….But that is all I have to say about that!

Anyway, church was good today..I haven’t been to my mom’s church in years….I really enjoyed the sermon. Pastor Jenkins talked about: Glorifying God through Motherhood. He came from Luke 1:39-48. When Mary (Mother of Jesus) went to go see Elizabeth(John the Baptist mother) It was a great message. I saw a lot of people at church that I haven’t seen in years….of course I don’t think they remembered me..but that’s ok..I remembered them. ; ) especially one person in particular who will remain nameless…lol

Ummm…I have decided that I am going to start back with my adoption plans…..January 2007 is the month that I will officially start my adoption journey. I am adopting from Haiti and it is going to take a lot of money. But God is faithful and if it is HIS will..It is HIS bill. I already have my first $20 contribution towards my adoption fund. Thanks to the rebate I finally got yesterday from my computer and some other stuff I bought from my favorite store…CompUSA. I’ll keep you informed…You can read about my adoption journey…by going here: http://adoption.farrahalbertie.com

Oh yeah…I am now a business owner…. I am the proud owner of Anointed Purpose Designs. A web, graphic and multimedia design business..based right here in Jacksonville, Florida. The official start date was March 30, 2006. It has been 7 years since I started doing web design and now I have an official business to back my skills and talent….YAY!!!!

I talked to 3 of my friends that I have not talked to in a while…Chole (Hey Chole) I haven’t talked to in years…and Dolores…It’s been months since I talked to her. Oh yeah I talk to Tess..but I talked to her a couple of weeks ago. She is doing good. Has a new male friend…ooooo

I got a new position at church..or rather a title to validate what I was already doing at church anyway….I am now the Coordinator of Graphic Arts and Web Design…YAY! Promotion! And when my Bishop was pouring the oil on me and laying hands on me..he said that God was going to bring recompense for ALL that I have lost over the past few years and he is sending business my way..PRAISE GOD!

Well I guess I will go now …

I’ll leave you with one question: How do you cure an 8 year crush? ; )

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