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Life will never be the same again Part 2 – Destructo the Great

Destructo was placed on April 5, 2007 – Currently 13 months old

At first he was real quiet and sneaky, kept to himself and got into everything…Well he is still sneaky and still gets into everything but he is definitely not quiet anymore and definitely does not keep to himself…He rarely plays with toys, he prefers to destroy everything else in his path….This is how he earned the name Destructo…

And he is SUCH A MAMA’s BOY! Which is good when I need my ego stroked, but not so good when he is whining for me and won’t go to anyone else especially when I am trying to do something else…He has the most sickening cry I have ever heard in my life….and the majority of the time it is so phony and fake (as in, he is crying for no real reason)..I know this because he stops as soon as I pick him up and put him in my lap or on my hip..again a major MAMA’s BOY!

He’s a thumb sucker….he looks so cute sucking that little fat thumb..I know I know, I need to break him of it, because it won’t be so cute when I have to buy braces for his little bucky teeth. Which by the way he loves to grind. I think he does it purposely to get on my nerves….he grinds them during the day, not while he is sleep, like most people…

The boy can eat like nobody’s business….How can a 20 something lb munchkin consume so much, especially with only 4 teeth?..He has a big head, really skinny arms, little chunky short legs and a real big belly. I know with the way I just described him, he sounds like some hideous monster..but he is so incredibly cute!!!!!

He has straight brownish hair….He’s biracial, so it may not curl up like his older brother Boogy..he may have straight hair permanently…we’ll see!
For some reason (which is beyond me) some people at my church seem to think he is Scooter..come on now…Scooter is only 4 months old…D isn’t that big, but he definitely doesn’t look like a 4 month old
The other night I tried him out sleeping in the toddler bed, since he has been sleeping in the playpen (which he is not really suppose to be sleeping in) because my other crib doesn’t seems to not want to function properly….Yeah, the toddler bed experience went disastrous…He moves a lot while he is sleep….he didn’t fall out of the bed..but he kept bumping his head on he headboard and waking up (hence waking me up) I went and tended to him for a little while (hoping he would go to sleep)…yeah, that didn’t work….he kept lifting his head up kissing me every 2-5 minutes… (LITERALLY)..this went on for about 30- 45 minutes…and I gave up and put him back in the playpen….I’ll try again at a later date…because he is OBVIOUSLY not ready to sleep in the toddler bed.
They (D&B) have a TPR Advisory Hearing on May 2nd…I plan to go….They are expected to be TPR’d before he summer is out….I’ll keep you guys informed…

Final Thoughts…

Coming Soon: Part 3

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