I got a call today from a social worker in Daytona, Florida about 1.5 hrs apprx from where I live.. She says that she saw my profile on adoptuskids.org and that by reading my profile she thinks that I may make a great mother for one of the little girls that they are trying to place for adoption…The little girl is 10 y/o and her name begins with S….so from now on in my post I will refer to her as “Little Miss Sunshine” when talking about her in my blog….



The sw sent the profile and pic to my work email late this evening, but I was getting to walk out the door and told her I would check it after I got out of church later tonight, well it’s later tonight and for some stupid reason, I can’t get into my work email….It is web based so I usually have no trouble getting into it…..But not tonight..I’m going to try again before I go to sleep…



Now, it is IMPERATIVE that I get my house…they WILL NOT let her move in with me only have a 2 bedroom apt because they won’t let her sleep in the room with the boys…I initally went into this to adopt my little girl, so only having one room was no big deal….because I never thought in a million years that I would have 3 boys…..but God blessed me with my boys and if it is his will HE will bless me with my girl…..and Little Miss Sunshine, just may be MY GIRL!!!!



I need all my prayer warriors to agree with me in prayer that God will show his self STRONG in this matter…I know God is MORE than big enough to make this happen…especially when it could come down to me getting my daughter….So please pray that God lets me find my house, and get the financing within the next 2 weeks and that I will be able to move within the next month or so……and that I will have a decent interest rate and not have to live in a crappy neighborhood and still be able to stay in my price range…I KNOW God can give me the desires of my heart and do EXCEEDING ABUNDANTLY above all that I could ever ask or think according to the power that worketh in me….



He gave me my truck..and btw QUICK TESTIMONY about the truck:


I went to the dealership to take them the rest of my paperwork and the guy was like, we have good news for you.I was like….YAY, I was chosen to get my car for free…(I can dream, can’t I?)


Well I didn’t quite get it for free, but they did take over $2000 off the price of the truck, which lowered my payments by $70/month……Isn’t my God awesome!!!!




I know HE can give me MY HOUSE….that is just what kind of God I serve…and plus I am a sower….I give A LOT to my church and to others….The law of seed time and harvest is not a lie, so I know my harvest is coming…and the Bible says give and I’ll give it back to you, good measure, pressed down shaken together and running over shall men give into your bosom……..so I am just waiting for my seed to turn into my harvest….And this is the year of dreams come true for me…I declared it before the year even began..and God has already made several dreams come true….such as me adopting this year after wanting to adopt since I was 8 y/o and getting the car I have wanted for over 10 years, becoming a foster parent, getting a raise on my job, which is already the highest paying job I’ve ever had and more.




There are 3 major things left that I am believing God for this year (in addition to the other small things I am also believing God for):




1. To purchase my first house


2. To take off 2 weeks from my job this summer to take my boys on vacation without it being a financial strain…


3. To meet the man I am going to marry (I didn’t say get married) I said meet the man I am going to marry… (so if you know who you are, why don’t you make yourself seen, take a chance with my love and you’ll find out what I mean..lol (Had to bring back the ole school LL Cool J jam for this post :” I need love” (lol) – Since this is the year of dreams coming true….I couldn’t forget this one…..




Well TTFM..Ta Ta For now

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