WOW it has been so long since I wrote in this blog… much has went on but all in all GOD IS STILL GOOD! I kind of stepped away from the adoption world for a while because I didn’t want to be just an adoptive mom I wanted to just be MOM! I even stopped visiting the forums so much (MOSTLY because the people on the board get on my nerves w/ their may way is the ONLY way to parent attitudes….) I go back from time to time , but every time I do I am QUICKLY reminded why I don’t go on there anymore…..

Ummm so much has happened I don’t know where to start…..So I’ll start with the most recent event ..The boys both started Preschool last Monday…Mama was overjoyed..primarily because they have been home with me full time for the last 8 months and I am so NOT meant to be a SAHM.. Hats off to all those whose calling that is (Notice I said calling because it sure isn’t designed for everyone)

Here are some pics below:

How B felt about going to school

How D felt about going to school

School has been a huge transition for they don’t deal w/ change..Lots of crying, but they’ll get used to it..They have to ..They got WAY TOO MANY YEARS LEFT TO GO!!! lol

Umm let me see what else has gone on…

I’m still single….BIG SHOCK….maybe I’m meant to be that way always…..Men don’t even hit on me anymore……Somebody hook me up PLEASE..I’ll be 30 soon….Oh yeah I’m having a big b-day party this Dec for my 30th b-day..You all are invited……I’m not joking..really you are!

I actually go out now, I have a whole new crowd of friends that I go to events w/ here in the Christian community…..I love each of them dearly, and I am sure they feel the same, but they aren’t exactly calling me outside of going to an event to hang out…I wish I had a best friend…..(well I do technically my oldest sister, Ty, Ivan and Tess) but I don’t talk to them everyday and 2 of them live out of the state……:( I REALLY need a female best friend who lives here) Wow I sound so desperate and lonely……LOL

Ummm I’m still unemployed technically……but far from broke….I started a new business….GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!

Umm that’s enough here’s more pics….

Oh yeah I forgot I was hospitalized 2x ..the end of June..beginning of July…..Pneumonia, extremely high fevers..Drs. still haven’t figured out what was wrong with me….But I’m healed for the most part….

Ok more pics….

Easter 2009

I guess that’s it for now!!! Thanks to all the people who wrote to me in my long absence..I really love you guys!!!!! I promise I’ll do better…


  1. Single Mom Seeking on September 2, 2009 at 6:51 pm

    So glad that you're back! And that you're healthy. Take good care of yourself, Mama. Oh, those boys of yours! So cute.

  2. Halei on September 11, 2009 at 9:46 pm

    Glad to hear from you! Ya'll are looking GOOD!

  3. Me and Jesus on September 13, 2009 at 12:12 am

    Just read your blog… you have adorable boys!!!
    I doubt that you live close to me, but if you would I would LOVE to hang out with you! I am also a single mom and get very few invitations to hang out!!
    have a great weekend!

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