Ok, I am at my dad’s house and I decided to watch videos..Haven’t watched music videos in so long….I am so out of date! I am loving the music that is out now..Man I miss the music business (sigh!) Music is one of my greatest passions man!!!…..I hope one day I can get back into the biz..but for now I am teacher…..But I can still do little things here and there.

Man I love that Kanye West -Gold Digger….Kanye is hot! Just straight up ..fresh ta def!
Although it isn’t a new discovery to me, I am so in love with John Legend’s Music (John Legend too..he he)…..Man I love Let’s Get Lifted …ooo I’ll take you high!

I think John Legend, Kanye and Ciara are the only people I would probably actually pay to see in concert..I am so used to seeing concerts for free..I have gotten spoiled…..There are probably a few more I would pay for also..Oh yeah Usher and maybe Fantasia. There are many gospel and Christian artists that I would go see and There are a few more secular, but I am not going to name them all.

Man and you can never go wrong with Luda and TI! Although I can’t agree with Luda when he says the best women are in Africa..The truth is the best woman is where ever I am living!! (lol)

Man, and I must confess….Now that he is of legal age(lol)….That I LOVE BOW WOW!! I have seen him up close and personal when he was like 15..He is cute! I am so loving his song..Let me hold you down like a real friend supposed to…..

And that Omarion, Usher and Ray J…..Ummmm Ummm

Ok back to music……

I also can’t help but love my girls Ciara, Brooke Valentine, Fantasia, Missy, & Mariah Carey Mariah is doing her thang! I am so glad she is back on top where she belongs….not that she ever fell off in my eyes!

Ciara is also doing her thang! My girl is representin’ right for the dirty dirty! I love her music and her style..Keep doing what you do girl!

Anywho..I’m going to stop now……

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