Well here is the first entry in D’s Homeschooling Journal (a portfolio of sorts, but not really.) As I mentioned in a previous post, I wanted to keep a personal record of what they were doing on our homeschooling journey. So here is day 1, of D’s journal. It’s obviously not the first day of homeschooling, but the first day in our online journal, after deciding to withdraw them from virtual school.

None of our lessons were planned today, it just happened on it’s own and it went really great. This is how I envisioned homeschooling being. Not the “School at Home” nightmare it has been for the last 4 months. he best part is my kids didn’t even realize that they were doing “school lessons,” because I incorporated the learning in a “matter of fact” kind of way…..Now everyday may not be this informal, but I can see a lot of them being like this….

I decided to do two different journals for each of my sons, as they may not necessarily be doing the same thing as the other everyday.  Some of the info may be duplicated, so please bear with me, as these will also serve as a Portfolio of sorts…. But anyhoo…Here goes..Entry 1 of D’s Homeschool Journal

Life Skills

When D returned home from my sister’s house, the first thing I had him do was chores, I know- big mean mommy…..It really wasn’t that  bad, as all he had to do was empty his dirty clothes into the hamper out of his bags he had taken to my sister’s house and take out the trash  to the dumpster in my apartment complex, that I had accumulated from earlier that morning.  He continued learning  life skills by learning about money.

Then much later in the day he learned/implemented more life skills by folding, hanging and putting away his clothes after taking them out of the dryer.

Yes, my newly six year old did all that on his own. They do much , much more on a weekly basis. I’m pretty sure he does more than the average 6 y/o. But one of the things that is really important to me is that my boys learn to be independent and  Besides it takes some of the load of me. 😉

Social Studies/ Geography

Today D wanted to complete our new puzzle of the United States map. After completing the puzzle, we learned about where we live at in relation to the United States Map. I pointed out the state and city where we live and I also pointed out where several other people we know live in relation to the United States Map.

When we were done D was able to successfully point out on the United States map where I live and where one of our close friends live when being asked.

Math: Money

D was given some money at my sister’s house while they were visiting last week. So when he got home he was eager to spend it. I told him in ” In order to spend money, you need to know how to count it, so you can know if you have enough to buy what you want, and so you can know how much change you are supposed to receive back.”

Now of course, he is all eager to learn how to count money.  So I pull out the pretend money in the back of the Calvert School K math book and we discuss what each coin/bill is called and how much each is worth.

Next, I asked him did he want to watch the video I bought on Money and making change. Of course, he said yes! Which is a miracle in itself, because he never wants to watch the educational videos I have. He watch with eagerness for about 10-15 minutes, and then he didn’t want to watch the rest, which I figured he wouldn’t. But it’s ok…..I’ll still take it as a small victory.

We finished off our money lesson with a game of Monopoly Junior Party. It was  the first time we had ever played and it was a good way to tie in counting money.

Physical Education

Our P.E. for the day consisted of a 30 minute bike ride through the neighborhood….

Overall it was a great day 🙂


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