Hey you guys…. Guess what? I applied to be a teacher….I know what you thinking..Farrah..a teacher? She barely even talks…The job pays $31, 000 to start out.. (A heck out a lot more than I am making right now freelancing) and plus this will give me more money to towards the down payment for my house and towards my savings to bring home my first adopted child! YAY!

But nothing is 100% certain as of right now. I still have to get temporary teacher certification. School starts in like 3 weeks.Yeah I know that’s not that far away. I am probably going to be taking my certification test next week.

If I had my choice I would teach PreKindergarten or Kindergarten. I don’t really want to teach kids older kids than 5 or 6…. Anyone older would probably run all over me. I get mistaken for a teenager all the time anyway. The other day this girl had to guess my age and she was thinking real hard and just bust out and said 16. I knew she was trying to say a high age…but didn’t want to put it too high..She was surprised when I told her I was 25. Wow, I hope I look 16 when I get 40!

I also may have the opportunity to work at CBN or Regent University in Virginia Beach…. I don’t know how that will work out. But I’ll keep you posted.

Lord please help me make the right decision. I don’t want to disappoint anyone anymore.

I am doing a couple new websites. I am currently working on Voice of Joy’s (My church) new website. I am also working on my friend Luke‘s site.-The Ultimate Top 10 List. It’s gonna be hot…..keep checking back for the launch date. Also I am doing my website I also have a few more brewing..so stay tuned..PIMPIN!

Oh yeah check out my new banner I am posting it everywhere:


Well today on myspace I had a request to add a friend…..BIG 7. (check out his page….he hot too) Well I went to his page after I added him as a friend… He had a pic and some info on his daughter: Miss Nana Anyway to make a long story short I went to her site and listen to some of the music and she got skills. She went on tour with Bow Wow (Love his new song-Let me hold you) .a couple years ago..The video is on her site. I just wanted to give her a little shot out. I got mad love for all shorties tryna making in the dirty game of the music industry..When you get time check out her page Miss Nana.. also check out her myspace page Hope her and her peeps don’t mind me putting her pic on my blog….(he he)


Well I’m gonna go work on these websites…..(maybe) I’m hungry man!

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