Wow, I found out I can publish from my email now…Oh no, now I am going to be sending blog posts all day…..HA HA HA (My evil laugh!)

But anyway, I had another dream last night and in my dream I kept seeing and hearing Allandale, California. I was like what? I didn't even know if there was a city in California called Allandale. I had never heard of it before. So I did a google search when I got to work today and there is, but it's spelled Allendale. In my dream it was spelled Allandale. How weird is that?

So now, I am going to do more research..I have already found out that it is close to Oakland and is located in Solano County. It's close to Vacaville, Ca and there are a lot of nice houses there…Million dollar houses..There are some cheaper houses there too…but the million dollar houses are so the bomb….

Final Thoughts….
Lord, why did I dream about a place that I didn't even know existed? Does my wealthy white husband who looks like JFK, Jr. live there? Is one of the big houses the place where my family and I are moving ?(LOL) See this post: to know what I am referring

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