Today out of the blue my mind began to ponder how Mother’s Day can be different for a single parent, especially a solo parent, such as myself.

What is a solo parent you might ask? It is basically a parent who is raising his/her child(ren) completely alone. There is no other parent in the picture – period.

I just read a post of one of my facebook friends, who says he was out shopping with his daughter for a mother’s day gift. His child’s mother and him are no longer together, but he still thought it was important that he and his daughter got something for her mother.

Things are much different for a solo mom on Mother’s Day.

There is no husband, boyfriend or other parent to bring her breakfast in bed, take her out to dinner, help the kids pick out a card or gift. No one telling you: Go ahead and go back to sleep, I’ll make the kids breakfast this morning.

You might get a handmade surprise that your kids made at school (Which I love and am by no means complaining about) but usually that is it.

I was just thinking yesterday, with the kind of week I have been having, I should get some kind of Super Mother’s Day gift. Of course, I was only half joking, but sometimes I just want to be treated special! For once I want somebody to do something special for me, instead of the other way around.

I know I chose this road, and I’m the first one who will tell someone if you don’t have someone to treat you, then treat yourself. But please allow me to be selfish for just one moment. Can I have one day where somebody spoils me? Just one day? (sigh)

I  know I’m whining like a big baby, but I’m not complaining. I’m really not! Just sharing my thoughts….

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