There are these 2 little biracial kids that go to my kids new daycare. They absolutely love my 2 oldest boys. This morning when I went into the daycare, the little girl ran up to me while I was holding Destructo and started rubbing on his face. She did the same thing yesterday. I didn’t really pay much attention to it because people, even little kids always OOoo and Ahh over my kids.

So this after noon when I went to pick up the boys, the same little girl and her brother ran over to D and B and started hugging and kissing on them. I thought it was so strange, that out of all the kids there, that were leaving that these little kids would ONLY run up to my kids. I stayed at the daycare for a little while and they only did this to my kids.

I might be stretching a bit on this one, but I realized my kids were the only kids that looked liked them, as in obviously biracial (Before you ask me, yes I know that they re for sure biracial)…..I may be wrong about this “connection”, but it’s something to think about….

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