I have been checking out the job market in Memphis, Jackson, and surrounding areas in West Tennessee (where Joey lives) and it doesn’t seem too promising as far as salaries go. Mind you, my salary requirements are not that of a 6 figure salary or even a high 5 figure salary. I am looking to get a job that pays $40k minimum (but Iwould really like to make $45k or higher) which I don’t think is all that high, but apparently the majority of the employers I checked out seem to think so.

Most of the jobs I have been running across pay $10-$12/hr (Which amounts to about $20k-$25k/yr) and although the cost of living is relatively cheaper than in Florida, I’m sorry $10-$12/hr is NOT going to cut it for me, even if I do live frugally. I know I won’t have as much to pay for once I get married, but it is looking very likely that I may be moving prior to getting married and I won’t be doing the whole shacking up thing, so I will still have multiple expenses for a while before getting married.

I have a pretty diverse skill range so I have been looking across a wide spectrum of fields/areas to work in, such as Web/Graphic Design, Information Technology, Administrative Work, Child Care, Social Work, Music Business/Recording Industry,Event Planning, Entertainment, Marketing, Publicity , etc…and most of the jobs
that pay the big bucks require either a degree or some higher level of experience/skill range in that particular field that I currently don’t have.

So that got me to thinking about my options…..

1) Go back to school to either get my Master’s Degree in something (still not sure yet) OR get a technical certificate in another area in the computer/IT/programming field.

2) Move somewhere else besides West Tennessee

3) Stay here in Jacksonville

4) Move to west Tennessee and take a job that basically pays the bills until I can get the job that I want.

5) Or the combination of 1&2, 1&3 or 1&4

1&2 or 1&4 are looking like the most likely choices for me, as I really don’t want to stay in Jacksonville.

Joey and I had a very indepth discussion about this pretty much all weekend long and he has pretty much left the decision in my hands. With him being a owner/operator trucker, he really can get a job anywhere in the U.S., so he says that as long as he can continue to do what he loves, he is open to live anywhere…..

I’m not quite sure what my next big move will be….but my next immediate move is to start researching grad school programs and looking for jobs in other areas of the country….

Please be praying for us that we make the right decision!

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