My top 8 myspace friends
1.: Patrece (My real lil sister)
2.: Ciara (My lil sister)
3.: Dadria (My other lil sister)
4.: Christi (My homie from college and big sis)
5.: Jeremi (My other lil sister)
6.: Joey (My best friend)
7.: Kent (My forever crush and new homie)
8.: Hiawtha (My homie from college)
The Questions
How did you meet 6?: I met Joey on Sept 23, 2001. When I went home with his sister Jeremi on her b-day
Why are you friends with 3?: She is a cool person..and am mighty woman of God
Is 7 in a relationship?: Not with
Have you kissed 1?: yes..she’s my sister
Have you hugged 4?: yes
Have you done anything sexual with 6?: uhhhh..nooo
Would 1 and 8 make a good couple?: ummm.maybe
How long have you know 2?: for almost a year
Would you ever kiss 7?: he he he…..
Whats a good memory with 5?: man so many memories…do i have to choose just one..i have A LOT of good memories with Jeremi
Ever hugged 8?: i don’t know..i may have
Do you love 4?: i sure do..that’s my girl
Is 5 nice?: Yes
How did you meet 3?: Online
Who makes you laugh?: 4-Christi. 6-Joey, & 7-Kent
Who makes you smile?: All of my top 8
When was the last time you saw 4?:’s been years like 2003 or 2004
Would 3 and 6 make a cute couple?: i don’t know..maybe
Does 8 love you?: i’m sure he loves me as a sister in Christ
Do you see 3 a lot?: Nope a matter of fact..i’ve never met her in person
Describe 4 in 3 words?: that’s my girl
What would you buy 1 for their birthday?: Some DVDs
Have you traveled anywhere with 5?: Yes
Do you have fun with 7?: Yes
Is 2 a cool person?: Yeah that’s my girl..she can sang too!
Who is the loudest?: 4-Christi-lol
Do any of them get on your nerves sometimes?: No comment
Do you know when 6’s birthday is?: Yes
What do you really think of 3?: She cool people
Best memory with 4?: man i don’t know
Does 1 even know you?: yes..she’s my bio lil sister
Is 5 happy?: yeah..i guess
Does 7 live close?: yes
Do you have any classes with 2?: no..she is way younger than me
Have you and 3 ever hooked up?:
Are you and 8 close?: we’re friends
Do you wanna kiss 4?:
Is 6 a good person?: Oh yes…To good sometimes
Does 2 own a car?: i don’t know
How did you choose your Top 8?: all people i care about or real cool with
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