One year ago today…I became licensed to be a foster parent with the hopes of fostering and eventually adopting 1 maybe 2 girls ages 0-6. Well as many of you know this journey has taken me far off path and one year later, I am now the adoptive mother of 2, soon to be 3 VERY ACTIVE toddler boys.

This journey has been the most challenging, but most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life…

I’ve made it through some not some non professional case workers, some difficult parents, great sibling visits, an adoption that was pretty open to a now semi open adoption (due to some issues with extended first family). First family claiming kids on taxes, Moving siblings in my home and then back out. A long bout of sickness (me and the kids) for just about all of 2008, so far. Finally got my kids well, but I’m still battling a few things. My oldest son and all of his abandonment/attachment/behavorial issues… But it’s only made me stronger….

I’ve had 6 wonderful children in my home….Ironically 5 boys and only 1 girl…out of those 6 kids, Sadly only 1 of those was ( or will ever be) reunified with family. I went from a small 2 bed/ 1 bath apartment to a gorgeous 4 bed/ 2 bath almost brand new house in a great neighborhood. I’m now driving the car I always wanted. If it wasn’t for my kids, I’d still be settling for less than I deserve. My kids deserve the best!!! They made me work harder on my job and I got accolade after accolade and even a raise and I am scheduled for another one next month (prayerfully)

My life has taken a drastic turn and I don’t really foresee me taking in any more kids, other than respite (Or if a sibling is born) Primarily because I have plans to get married later this year and move out of the state. (who wouldv’e ever thought this time last year that I’d fall in love with my best friend – definitely not me!!! -lol).

Also I’d like to focus on the kids I have now. They are so young, and so demanding. With all this marriage, and moving and them having to adjust to having more family and all the new stuff that will be coming over the next year, adding more children will take the focus off them that they need and deserve…. AND besides that future dh says no more right now….

Don’t get me wrong I still want my girl, but my lil princess won’t be coming anytime soon….(unless one my kids parents has another kid that is born and taken into custody. Then I might consider it.)

Being a foster parent and all that comes along with it (The good, the bad and the down right ugly) has made me a better person. It most definitely has not been easy…but it most definitely has been worth it.

Just wanted to share…

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