Things are moving so fast for me……I had my health inspection Thursday and of course was approved…My radon results have ALREADY come back…. In only 4 days!!!

I personally went out and got all my references signed yesterday and today and I will turn them in Tuesday during my last homestudy visit..My cw called me today and said she can submit everything NEXT WEDNESDAY to the state of Florida to get my license!!!

My cw wants to license me for UP TO 4..I was like 4……I can’t handle 4..but she said well you don’t have to take in that many…but we’ll license you for that many..JUST IN CASE…Should I open myself up for that many kids????

I finally told my Bishop today that I was doing foster care, I thought that he would try to talk me out of it….He just asked me, some basic what will you do with the child while you’re working…I was like well they pay for daycare and then he was like who is doing your daycare and I told him….and a few other questions..I think he was shocked that I had a good well thought answer for every question he asked because usually when he asks me something I don’t have a well thought out answer to give him… He could tell that I had a plan, not just doing this on a whim…And then after he asked me all those questions.he was like ok…I was like OK..Just OK??? that’s it….I’ve been scared to tell him cause I thought he would try to talk me out of it….I’m so relieved…

I am so exhausted with moving and preparing for FC….I am so glad that next week the only thing I have to do is my final homestudy and go to work..I am going to try to go to the movies or hang out with the girls..and get some much needed sleep ….as this next few weeks will be my last days without a child in my home..probably for the rest of my life (WOW)

Well I’ll let you guys know when get my license….

FINAL THOUGHTS: Please pray for me…I really need it!!!

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