Well I was blindsided today by a call from a caseworker…I was walking into work today and CT’s case worker called me. Haven’t spoken to or seen her in over a month. She calls me today and asked me when she can come out to the house. I told her next week would be be best due to all the family that is still in town.

Anyway, she told me that I should now start dropping off CT at his mom’s on Friday mornings and then start picking him up Sunday night. Fine…that’s no problem….She only lives 5 minutes from me anyway and I pass by her house everyday when I take the boys to daycare. I knew he would start overnight visits soon and I was prepared for that however here comes the “Ooops upside the head” moment.

The cw said she was going to petition the court to have him and his siblings go back home ASAP..so our days together are literally numbered….(((SIGH))). This is after she told me that he wasn’t going home until January….(((DOUBLE SIGH)))My baby is leaving..I’m sad…

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