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5 Simple Rules For Single Parents Traveling With Their Kids

For most single parents, the thought of traveling with kids seems like a nightmare in the making! Before I became an old pro at it, I would often cringe at the thought of traveling (in any way, shape, or form ) with my kids in tow. If you are a single parent and you are…
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Just Like That…

So just like that (3 weeks before school ends) I am thrust back into homeschooling again.. and not for a good reason….  My son apparently got jumped on Friday and nobody had the decency to even call me and tell me. Yep, that was the end of our private school journey ladies and gentlemen. I am…
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Stop Feeling Sorry For My Kids

Raising kids who come from trauma is HARD! I raise my kids a certain way for a very specific reason. It may seem mean or harsh to some, but until you have walked a million miles in my shoes AS ME, please don’t question the way I parent. That being said (and this is a…
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May is National Foster Care Month

Although I am no longer a foster parent recruiter or a foster parent, fostering is still extremely dear to my heart! Foster a child! Change a Life!  #‎foster‬ ‪#‎fostercare‬ ‪#‎fosterachild‬ ‪#‎farrahlynn‬
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May is Haitian Heritage Month

According to Wikipedia Haitian Heritage Month is a celebration in the United States of Haitian heritage and culture. It was first celebrated in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1998. Tele Kreyol, one of the Boston Haitian Access Television programs, celebrated the whole month of May with a series of programs on Haitian history, culture, and contributions to…
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Happy Birthday Daddy!

Happy 68th Birthday to my daddy Farris Albertie, Jr! The devil thought he had him..ooohhh butterum…. He has fought hard and beat cancer and a number of other illnesses. I am happy that he is here to celebrate yet another birthday!  Here’s to many, many more!  
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Praise God! I Got Another Grant!

Just got notification that I received a $3000 grant from Show Hope..Woo Hoo! Every little bit helps!
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About is a lifestyle blog that focuses on single/solo parenthood, adoption, including my current international adoption journey, foster care, preparing to move to Africa, working from home and living a location independent lifestyle.


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