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Lyrically Speaking Part 1: I ain't good enough but he still loves me!

God jacked me up this morning and this is how I feel about it: He Still Loves Me Lyrics [W]Took me a whileBut I’m finally hereI just wanna testifyMake it crystal clearSee I’ve been picked outTo be picked on Talked about out my friend’s mouthI’ve been beat downTil he turned my life around (turned my…
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FARRAH F is for Fabulous A is for Amorous R is for Radiant R is for Remarkable A is for Artistic H is for Heavenly What Does Your Name Mean?
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I can't get on myspace!

And I am about to have a fit!!!!
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My best friend hates me 🙁

Every since last Saturday, things have not been the same with me and my best friend. He barely even talks to me. Granted he probably has every right to be mad at me, but I am not sure things will ever be the same. Whenever I talk to him , he is short and just…
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Apparently, I am the new "It" Girl! Who knew?

Ok it’s crazy….I don’t know what the business is Men are flocking to me like a moth to flame.. no really I’m not playing this time… I know, I know- I am just as shocked as you are! The more confident I am in myself…the more they want This loving yourself thing really works..…
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My Space Top 8

My top 8 myspace friends TOP 8 MYSPACE FRiENDS 1.: Patrece (My real lil sister) 2.: Ciara (My lil sister) 3.: Dadria (My other lil sister) 4.: Christi (My homie from college and big sis) 5.: Jeremi (My other lil sister) 6.: Joey (My best friend) 7.: Kent (My forever crush and new homie) 8.:…
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Too much time on my hands!

~*All About Yourself*~ ~*Basics*~ What’s your real name?: Farrah Lynn Albertie Do you like it?: I love it! What does it mean?: My first and middle name means: Beautiful One that dwells by the pond..that name so describes me…i love being around water..and of course ..we all know I am What is/are your nickname(s)?:…
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Ok me and my niece had a photoshoot today after church..well mostly just I had a photoshoot after church..I got a new hairdo and everytime I get a new do..I have to have a new photoshoot…. and plus I was looking simply FAB – U – LOUS today for church.. Check out my pics below:…
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