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My poem -part one

I took a journey the other day…down a side road that I have never traveled…to visit a place from my memory that I thought I would never go… More to come
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Metaphors of Life: As told by the Rent Soundtrack!

Rent: A metaphor for lifeor whatever you call this thing we’re living Life SupportClick here to listen GORDONLook – I find some of what you teach suspectBecause I’m used to relying in intellectBut I try to open up to what I don’t know ROGER & GORDONBecause reason says I should have died three years ago…
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Church Survey YOU ARE BROTHER OR SISTER: Sister AGE: 26 CHURCH YOU ATTEND:Voice of Joy Ministries, International LOCATION OF YOUR CHURCH: Duval…Jacksonville, Florida DENOMINATION:Interdenominational ARE YOU A CHRISTIAN?: You Know It HOW LONG YOU BEEN SAVED?: For 12 years this October OLD TESTAMENT OR NEW?: I’m kind of partial to the old testament FAVORITE T.V.…
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The New Me!

New ClientsMy Bishop had a Roundtable Meeting on Saturday and it went great..He invited me to speak about my business…and I have a few new clients and SEVERAL prospects…A Pastor called me this morning about adding Flash to her existing website..YAY! Also had a few people ask me about business cards and other services…so I…
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I'm BORED!!!!!

It’s Saturday and I am sitting here doing nothing..Usually I am working , but I decided after staying up all night preparing for a presentation I had this morning, that I wasn’t doing any work today!!!!! So now what do I do? I used to go to the movies all the time by myself, but…
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I am disappearing!

I am losing so much weight.. all My clothes are falling off! The sad thing is I am not even trying to lose weight….True a few months a go..I could have stood to lose a couple of pounds…but I have lost almost 20 lbs and worst of butt is disppearing..It’s a travesty! I don’t…
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Do you know anyone who needs a website?

I need some business…. I offer high quality Web Design, Graphic Design, and Multimedia Design…Please visit my website: Anointed Purpose Designs
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Is there a clinic to get help for my MySpace Addiction!

I am addicted to MySpace! I can’t get off! There should be some kind of treatment for this.
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About is a lifestyle blog that focuses on single/solo parenthood, adoption, including my current international adoption journey, foster care, preparing to move to Africa, working from home and living a location independent lifestyle.


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