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My Space

I updated my Myspace page….Go to it and check it out: Nothing much else is really going on worth talking about or rather I am too lazy to wtite about it….lol
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It's been a long time coming, but I know a change gone come..Oh Yes it will!

Hi everyone, It has been well over a month since I last wrote. Ummm let me see what has happened since then… Teaching Well, I am no longer a teacher, I decided that it was not for me….The kids are way better off and so am I….and that’s all I have to say about that(Forrest…
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My blog is gone

My blog is gone
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How you like me now?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone..Well Happy Belated Thanksgiving. Nothing much is going on, but EVERYTHING is going on. My sister has changed her mind about Illinois, and now has dediced to move to the Middle Tennessee area. For all of you who don’t know..that is the area in where I went to college. She is trying to…
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Can you believe this crap?

Today, I checked one of my email addresses and there was a message from a lady “speaking on behalf of her client”, asking me to remove one of my designs from a page in my website because “the person was not a client of mine.” She clearly did not have all the facts, because I…
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Just checking in

Hey everybody. It has been months and months since I blogged anything, so I thought I would fill you guys in on my life. TEACHING Well I am still teaching…..Somedays I want to run away screaming, others I’m really glad that I chose to be a teacher. I have NEVER had this much responsibilty in…
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Man, I love music!

Ok, I am at my dad’s house and I decided to watch videos..Haven’t watched music videos in so long….I am so out of date! I am loving the music that is out now..Man I miss the music business (sigh!) Music is one of my greatest passions man!!!…..I hope one day I can get back into…
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I got a job!

Sorry I haven’t writen in a while..I have been busy working at my new job…Thanks for all the prayers and encouragement. I got the exact job, teaching the exact grades, at the exact school I prayed for……You can’t tell me my God doesn’t answer prayers. I am really enjoying it..I am a ball of emotion..At…
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About is a lifestyle blog that focuses on single/solo parenthood, adoption, including my current international adoption journey, foster care, preparing to move to Africa, working from home and living a location independent lifestyle.


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