Here are some pics of my boys siblings on their mom’s side…minus one (I don’t know how many kids dad has) Actually I’m not exactly sure if mom hasn’t had more….but anyway…Here they are..They aren’t the best because I was too lazy to scan them..I just took a picture of a pic……One day I won’t be so

This is all of the birthmom’s kids minus one (I don’t have a pic of the littlest..)
Top – B, Little Miss Awesome, Lightning (left to right)
Bottom D & Buttercup (left to right)

This is Lil Miss Awesome . B & D’s oldest sister.. She is 9….

This is Buttercup . B & D’s second oldest sister.. She is 7, she’ll be 8 in Nov….

This is Lightning . B & D’s older brother.. He is 6….

This is B (of course) He is 4, He will be 5 in Oct….

This is D (of course) He is 3

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