Today, B & D’s paternal grandparents got the letter that I sent and they emailed me back.

Here’s the response: (Names are changed to protect the innocent …lol)

Dear Ms. XXXXX

Yes we are B and D’s grandparents, we would LOVE to see pictures of the boys and actually have a visit if possible, on your terms. PLEASE GIVE US A CALL IF POSSIBLE : (NAMES, PHONE #’s and EMAILS GO HERE) We are very appreciative that you contacted us, we greatly miss the boys, and had no way of finding out where they were at. THANK YOU VERY,VERY MUCH. We appreciate your consideration in sending us a letter with information.

In the letter I specifically said that there would be no visits or phone calls any time soon..but they asked anyway….

Ya’ll pray for me..I’m so easy to be suckered sometimes

I responded with small update and a few pictures and let them know I would be in touch.

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