Doesn’t Destructo look so cute sleeping in those cute little red underwear….So glad that boy is finally potty trained…LOL! They both got new Spiderman bedding…a pre-birthday treat for Boogy and a Congratulations gift for Destructo for graduating from the toddler bed and becoming fully potty trained.

It is so funny now..they actually are excited about going to bed now..just so they can sleep next to Spiderman….If I had known that I would have got Spiderman bedding sooner…LOL

And here is Boogy….sleeping in the palate I made in the playroom (Where I have been sleeping for the past couple nights)…..This boy would be permanently attached to my hip if it was possible….Destructo opted to sleep in his own bed….as usual…

On another note HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Chocolate Thunder, he is 2 y/o TODAY!!! My nephew Donovan’s birthday was yesterday.. He turned 7…My where does the time go…Boom Boom’s b-day is on the 13th and Boogy’s is the 22nd …..and I have a whole hosts of other people in Oct. as well.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that my niece got a modeling contract…Yo GO GIRL!!!!!!! Now she can pay me back some of the thousands of dollars that I have spent on her over the years..LOL

I’m looking into getting my boys into modeling too….They are so darn cute!!!

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