So there’s this girl…. she lives in Uganda….she’s kind of stolen my heart….Why Lord..Why?

I have known about her since January of this year and I just simply put it off saying God clearly couldn’t be calling me to adopt ANOTHER child in the midst of already adopting from Haiti..Could he?

I advocate for kids who need homes ALL THE TIME, and none of them have captured my heart like this little girl. I think it is because she reminds me a lot of my niece of the same age.

She has lived in an orphanage literally all of her life (5 years). That’s way too long for a child to live without a family.

The kicker in all of this is that Uganda has recently changed the law that foreigners have to foster for a year (In country) in order to adopt from there. So again I say Lord you clearly couldn’t be telling me to adopt this little girl? But I feel very strongly that he is…

So God is definitely going to have to work some things out in the finance department real quick….But he is definitely able…..

May be moving out of the country sooner than I thought…


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