Last Spring Break we went to Maryland, DC,New York and New Jersey. But this year we are staying close to home…as a matter of fact we probably won’t be leaving my apartment complex at all. Which is going to drive my boys crazy, but they will just have to get over it…

In better news…

New Contracts…

I just got a Work at Home (WAH) job that will provide me with some good income to fill in the gaps in our times of need. It’s a contract job with an initial six month period with a chance for extension..So yippee for that!!!! And I also just tested for another WAH job so let’s hope that comes through as well…..

Tax Refund


Is anybody else out there in adoption world eagerly awaiting their Tax Refund with the new Refundable Tax Credit?….(Raise Hand) ME ME ME….I am so ready for that money to get here…LOL  I plan on paying off my car and if everything goes well we will also be able to either put a nice down payment or buy outright at an auction A NEW HOUSE!!! Houses are so cheap here I have seen nice houses in the 30k-50k range and even cheaper…This will  DRASTICALLY decrease my housing expenses by as much as 80% or more…..SO….. NO CAR NOTE + VERY LOW (OR NO) HOUSE NOTE = 1 HAPPY MONSTER MOMMY…It will eliminate one of my major bills and almost eliminate the other.

The bad side to that is there will probably be no week long Disney trip like I planned…but we can go later because I will be pretty much able to keep the majority of my income in my pocket because I will virtually have no MAJOR BILLS!!!!

Please pray with me that everything works out….because if it does THEN…





You know the chick my boys keep praying for LOL!!!!  Seriously they just prayed for her before going to bed tonight without my prompting!!!!


My plan for the next 1.5 -2.5 years is to:

1) Keep Consistent Income Coming In

2) Get that Gosh Darn Tax Refund

3) Pay of Car

4) Buy New House

5) Start Adoption Process/ Raise Money Like Crazy (If I go the International Route)

6) Get Baby Girl Home….

It’s so funny I was reading this post about my preferences for my Baby Girl and so much has changed….

I still would love an infant and seriously hope for one, but I have expanded my age preference to just being younger than Destructo…hopefully at least one year younger or more…

I still only want ONE CHILD this time..NO sibling groups…I don’t think that would be wise for me anymore..even though I did it in the’s much harder when you bring home more than one as a single woman.

I’m still open to all races…..

I am now open to Special Needs .more specifically HIV+ children.  will more than likely seek out a HIV+ child this time…

My country choices are very limited as well because a lot of countries are limiting single parents from adopting and also ALL the prior countries I was considering are either closed to adoptions or have drastically reduced the amount of adoptions they are processing

I so wish I could adopt from Haiti, but wit the current laws I am still too young by almost 4 yrs to adopt as a single woman..Haiti is and has always been my first choice.  There is always the foster care route, but I honestly don’t know if I want to foster-to-adopt anymore and straight adoption seems to be a nightmare most time as well..but I’m still open to the option…..But lately my heart has really been tugging on the children of





But who knows…I gotta get Steps 1-4 outta the way first..Hopefully they will be taken care of by the end of 2011…Hoping to have Baby Girl home no later than early 2013…….

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