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First off, you can learn more about me and this blog on the Meet Farrah page! Below are popular posts sorted by topic.

My Adoptions

  • Video: Answers To All Your Adoption FAQs – I get tons of questions about my past and current adoptions, so I compiled this video to answer the most frequently asked questions, including: How I came to adopt my 2 sons, 10 years ago and how did I come to the decision to adopt not only from Haiti, but also from Africa concurrently!
  • Adoption Timeline – Quick glance timeline, so you can see where I am currently at in the process in both my Africa and Haiti adoptions.
  • Adoption & Moving to Africa Costs – detailed breakdown on what my adoption & relocation costs.
  • Current Adoption Updates – detailed posts about my current adoption and upcoming move to Africa.

Working From Home

Adoption & Foster Care (General)

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