Not really but, I know, it’s been a while since I gave you guys an update…so here goes:

Well August 5th, was 4 months since the boys came to live with me. We should have an adoption date soon.. Their case has officially been transfered to the adoption unit of their agency, but we still have to go through the paperwork and come to an agreement on the adoption subsidy and post adoption services that I want to continue after adoption…..We should be finalized in by Sept or October…

2 Saturdays ago, I took CT for his first unsupervised visit with his mom and mom wasn’t exactly welcoming and thankful, but she wasn’t mean and ugly either so we’ll see how they go from now on…I think she just didn’t know what to say..It was very awkward for both of us. I gave her 1/2 of the pics I got taken of CT at Walmart and she didn’t even say thank you….So from now on she won’t be getting anything from me..Those pics cost me a lot of money and I got extra just so she could have some and enough to give to family/friends….but anyhoo..Lesson learned…

CT was supposed to go back home around October 2007, but the judge pushed it back to January 2008..but he will gradually be spending more time with his family until the complete reunification happens….

CT is doing so great in catching up developmentally….

Brief recap (When he arrived at exactly 6 months old)
* Could not hold bottle
* Could not roll over
* Could not sit without assistance
* Was only eating baby cereal occasionally from a spoon
* Was eating no jar food whatsoever
* No teeth
* 21 lbs

Now at almost 10 months old:
* Can not only hold his own bottle, but he can now feed himself
* Eats mostly soft table foods, finger foods and some jar baby food and cereal
* Can crawl and moves freely through the house as he pleases (which sometimes is a huge pain, because he likes to tear stuff up now that he is mobile…(lol)
* Can pull himself up to stand and holds himself up
* 2 teeth
* 24 lbs

D had surgery on July 16th. He had tubes put in his ears so it could release the fluid build up and hopefully stop all these ear infections. I immediately saw a great improvement in his hearing..Just the next day..he was saying more words and he is now speaking in 2-4 word sentences at 16 months old. The Saturday after his surgery, I gave him some cereal and I went and sat down in my chair in the living room..He called out for me and I answered him, he then said: I don’t want it, I want juice. Before he used a lot of “sign language” and grunting and head shaking and pointing..he pretty much verbalizes everything he wants now….and it has only been 3 weeks since his surgery. God is so awesome!!

B is still very clingy and it seems he gets more and more needy by the day..(lol). He is far more demanding than the younger kids….(I thought it was supposed to be the other way around)-lol..but anyhoo…..I am searching for more ways to sastify his need for what seems like all my attention, all the time….

His cw was supposed to be setting up some therapy, but as of yet this has not happened, so I see that I am now going to have to press the issue…I think we both need therapy to help me learn how to help him better deal with the grief he has for his first family and how to reassure him that he isn’t going anywhere ever again. I think he is so scared that I am going to leave him that he doesn’t want to let me go….and this can quite be overwhelming for the both of us….My sisters accuse me of playing favorites with him, but that isn’t the case, I love all my boys the same….He just requires more attention than the others…

I haven’t heard anything back from LMS adoption worker, but I decided not to take her as an adoptive placement. If I didn’t have the other kids, I probably would have. She is RAD, ODD, & ADHD and she has been sexually abused (none of which they told me prior to asking me to adopt her) and I just couldn’t take the chance because my kids are 8 and 9 years younger than her and I cannot watch everything she does all the time. I REALLY wanted to adopt her, but I had to think of the other kids first. I pray that they find her a great family!!!! 🙁

They have decided that Lightning will be staying with his foster mom. They haven’t told me this officially, but a court appointed sw came by Thursday to do a bonding evaluation on my boys and their older brother Lightning..(Mind you, she didn’t bring L with her to evaluate them all together) and she pretty much told me that she is going to recommend he stays where he is and it had nothing to do wth my parenting skills or me personally, she just felt they had no bond….But the judge has the final sayso…so we’ll see what he says….. But I’m not going to throw a hissy….Maybe it just wasn’t meant to happen…

I do plan on calling placement and telling them that I want another child placed with me though (Yeah I am crazy I know) But since I have now moved into a fablulous house (More details below) and we have so much space, AND I STILL WANT MY GIRL, I am going to go for it….I already told my Social worker that I wanted a girl between the ages of 2-4 and it would be great if she was about to be TPR’d (Parental Rights Terminated) , but if she was foster only, I still wouldn’t care because I want my girl….I am no longer taking in boys….unless my kids mom has a another kid and since I REALLY don’t want a newborn..let’s just pray she doesn’t because if they call I know I won’t say no….

Well the whole buying a house thing hasn’t worked out, I can still buy a house, but I ran out of time before I had to move out of my apartment….So I decided to just rent….We moved last Tuesday….It’s a great house in a great subdivision about 5 mins from my job….it has 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2 car garage..about 1450 sq feet.. ONLY 2 years old….I love it!!!

The house is only about $200 more than what I paid for my 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment….and I don’t have to deal with my HORRIBLE apt complex maintenance and management. I don’t have to deal with neighbors that live below me and on either side of me that I can hear everything they do through the wall….

I can park my car in the garage and me and my boys don’t have to get wet when it is raining….and when it gets cold I can warm my car up without having to leave my boys for more than a few seconds… and best of all I don’t have to walk up and down any stairs , holding 2 kids…and having my other son walk behind me..Ever praying that he won’t fall down the stairs every time we go up and come down.

My kids have a yard to play in….YAY!!! Next month when I get their subsidy check, I am going to get my oldest the bike he has been begging for since he came home, I’m going to get my 2 littlest a wagon and a ride on toy so we can have fun outside…I am also going to get them a wading pool and that is how we are going and a bbq grill and that is how we are going to spend most of our weekends for the rest of the summer…that is when we aren’t doing something else………so I think that we are coming out on top by moving there!!!

Oh yeah one day I am going to get around to writing Theory II..LOL…I won’t have internet for probably about a week or so… TTFM (Ta Ta For Now!)

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