So apparently my son Boogy, who I send a lunch & 2 snacks to school EVERYDAY has been stealing other people’s food because he doesn’t want the food I send.  I learned he has been doing this for a while before he finally got caught today. Apparently,  he had a loud uncontrollable rage after he got caught and  is now officially kicked out of school for good this time! Principal said no more negotiating for him to stay.

And when asked why did he take the food?

B: Because I was hungry!

Me: So why didn’t you eat your own lunch or the snacks you had in YOUR OWN LUNCH BAG?

B: I don’t know!

Me: Why don’t you know?

B: Blank Stare

Me: So why is it again that you are stealing other people’s food when you have your own?

B: Because I didn’t want what you gave me, I wanted their food!

Me: So everyday you are  stealing (yes I said stealing) other people’s food just because you don’t want the perfectly fine, nothing wrong with, food I send you?

Me: Yes

To say I am pissed off would be an understatement!!!!!

I have a whole refrigerator full of food. My fridge and freezer are  literally overflowing …LITERALLY..and he is stealing FOOD.….(sigh)

My kid has his head so high up in the sky (and I don’t know  where he gets this mess from). I just posted on facebook the other day about how he turned his nose up like he was too good to eat pork chops, yams, mac and cheese and cabbage….SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!! I wanted to smack his behind!!!! I have seen kids with my own eyes starving and dying because they don’t have enough food to eat and this little SPOILED BRAT got a nerve to turn his nose up at food – pisses me off every time I think about it!

So because of his violent rage (the umpteenth one he has had this year), effective Friday, he can’t go back to school anymore!!!!

Here are his schooling options for the duration of the school year (which at this point is only another month or so) :

  1. I can either enroll him in the private school I was going to put him next year. That is, if the remainder of his scholarship will cover the tuition.
  2. I can enroll him in the local public school (which I chose not to transfer him to when I moved, well basically because the school ummm….SUCKS!!! They are a D School and the lowest you can go is an F.
  3. I can keep him home with me for the next month or so an:
    1. Enroll him in home school with the district.
    2. Enroll him in an Umbrella School for Homeschoolers or Unschoolers.
    3. Or just say bump it and not worry about academics for him for the rest of the current school year. He was 5 when school started and he doesn’t have to enroll in school “officially” until the school year when he is 6 by September 1. (And that would be the upcoming school year)

I’m really leaning towards option 3 at this point. There is only 1 month  or so left in the current school year. He has already failed Kindergarten and he will be repeating Kindergarten again next year.  So really what’s the point of putting him in another school when school will be out for the summer very soon.

I’m going to go talk to the school tomorrow that I am thinking of putting him in next year and after I do, I will make my decision. But I’m really thinking it will be option 3 (subsection 3)

Finding the Silver Lining

On a good note I just got the notice that both boys got their scholarship for private school  for the next school year!!!!

Oh yeah, another good thing is the Principal gave me the book : Bringing Up Boys by James Dobson for Free! I will be posting a review on it soon.

Final Thoughts

Please pray for us!



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  1. Arlett from Chasing Joy on May 2, 2011 at 10:58 pm

    You certainly have your hands full. i applaud your patience. I will pray for you and your boys. Good news about the two scholarships.

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