Ok,  so I started this post before the last Chronicles of Nausea post….and the pics were taken forever to upload so I never got around to posting it.  But anyway here it goes:

Well I am sooooooooooooooooo sorry that I have not written in over a month… October was a pretty busy month… I will break it down for you guys over a few posts so bear with me…. But in this post I am pleased to announce the Boogster is 6 years old now.. His birthday was Oct 22…..

He reminds us DAILY that he is now 6. In his mind, it seems, 6 years old is the age in which you gain all super powers and are now able to do everything….It was cute at first and then funny, now it’s just a teensy bit annoying…lol

He thinks he is now grown and can do everything because HE IS 6 NOW! He tells everyone DAILY I’ m 6 now….. Destructo being the little clown that he is, had had enough of the “I’m 6 Now conversation”, so he just yelled out: Why you keep saying you 6 NOW….You say that 50 times…. Everybody know you 6 now… We don’t care…Stop saying it….lol

I burst out laughing because 4 y/o Destructo said whatever had been thinking for the last 3 weeks…. 😀

His behavior had been good for the most part..until last Wed..he got another discipline referral and threw it away…His teacher told me to check his pink not and when he got home he didn’t have one….He later confessed that he threw it away..He is on punishment for the rest of the month..That means come home, do homework, eat, bathe and bed…no fun…no TV..no nothing!!!! This is going to be horrible for him because we have a lot of fun things plan for the duration of the month, but he won’t be participating…He will get to watch us have fun….Just like he did on his birthday week…

During his birthday week, my twin (a good friend of mine) came down here from NJ the week of his birthday and took the kids to  the Big Cheese..you know Chuck E. and Boogy got a discipline referral for consistent bad behavior throughout the day including disrespecting his teacher (SOMETHING I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT TOLERATE!!!!!)  So instead of playing at he got to sit and watch his brother play for his birthday!

I foresee  a lot more of this in the future….TOO BAD FOR HIM!

But anyhoo here are pics from the week of his birthday:

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