Wow so much has happened since my last Chronicles of Nausea post…I started this post almost 2 months ago and I had to go back and re-edit it because it is now so out of date that it’s ridiculous……But anyhoo here is the new version completed on Nov 4, 2010.

I guess I’ll start just by giving an update on the people mentioned in Part 1 and Part 1.27

The Old Characters

Same Name Guy 2

I never did get back in touch with him…Sadly..but I pray that he is ok and that his cancer is once again in remission.

D1 & D2

D1 called me a couple  of times a few weeks ago under the guise of doing business, but after the first call I just didn’t answer anymore. Haven’t heard from D2.

The Dancer

Awww The Dancer (sigh) … I truly love that man….I seriously want to kidnap him and put him in my back pocket. lol

And when I say love I don’t mean IN LOVE!  But I have a genuine sincere love for him. He is really dear to my heart….He always knows just what to say to make a lady smile…lol…


The New Characters

The Mister

Well Character, because there is only 1 new character. I’ll introduce him here and you can read more about him in the next Chronicles of Nausea Post: Part 2: Prince Mister Man


Brief 411 on The Mister: He is 30…. AA, No kids, Christian.. He is a pretty decent dude from what I can tell….

I met The Mister  a few years ago via the good ole  Internet..I honestly can’t remember exactly where though. I just know we used to chat all the time online. I met him in person a few years ago, but I hadn’t seen in quite a while.

He always found a way to get back in contact me though. Like just recently he called me again out of the blue. (Men love to do that to me for some  And we have random brief conversations..mostly about the stuff that he is buying – a new house, a new car, a new this, a new that…blah, blah blah… yawn, snore….LOL

He asked me out a couple of times and for one reason or another I always had something to do. But  a few week s ago I agreed to have lunch with him on a Wednesday.  He called me Tuesday to confirm….and told me he would call me back on Wed to tell me the location to meet him. Wed came and went and NO CALL…. I’m like I FINALLY AGREED TO GO OUT WITH YOU WITH A SET DATE AND YOU STAND ME UP!!!! Didn’t even call AT ALL ON WED..But he called Thursday TWICE..I didn’t answer either time…

When I finally talked to him again..he had a legitimate excuse, so I let him slide..LOL

I finally did end up going on out with him a few weeks later…and I must say that I was mad at myself for waiting so long to go out with him because I REALLY enjoyed myself….. If you want to read about it you’ll have to tune in for the next installment of The Chronicles of Nausea…. 😉

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  1. Chasing Joy on November 14, 2010 at 4:13 pm

    I just wanted to say hello. I stop by your blog from time to time. I don’t have kids yet so I usually don’t have much to comment on. But really enjoy your blog and admire what you are doing. I’m now following you on Facebook. Chasing Joy is on Facebook as well 🙂 Keep on blogging and good luck with your dating 🙂

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