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The Chronicles of Nausea- Part 2.47 Potential Love


Well it’s been quite a while since the last installment of  The Chronicles of Nausea, so I figured I’d fill you guys in on the wonderful adventures of my love life.

Well, as you may know I gave The Mister the boot. The lesson I learned from that is to trust your instincts. They are there for a reason. (Like to let you know he’s a sociopath) 😀  But anyhoo…

Interestingly, I had a very nice gentlemen, whom I’ve dubbed That Great Guy, contact me through email a couple months ago. (Hi you, because I know you’re reading 🙂 ) He found me by stumbling upon my blog one day. We chatted back and forth via IM for a little while, but stopped talking so frequently. He is a great dude from what I can tell. But we have different views on family, parenting and a few other things that I believe were both deal breakers for the both of us.  Nothing bad….just different. However, if any of you Christian ladies out there want to be courted by an awesome Christian guy, who works really hard, is eager to get married,  is way into adoption, wants a quiverful of of kids, is pro-life and anti-birth control, contact me. As I am sure That Great Guy would love to hear from you.

Soooo..what nauseating tale of late do I have to inform you of? WELL….I really don’t have anyone new in my life. HOWEVER (he he he), there’s this one guy who I’ve known for a little over 5 years. Actually, he’s not just some guy, he’s one of my best friends. I seriously love this dude! That’s my boo boo! I still get excited every time I see him, even 5 years later! I’ve mentioned him a few times on this blog, but I won’t identify those posts to keep some anonymity. We’ll just call him Mr. Incredible! 😀

So little back story on Mr. Incredible – He’s AA. Christian. Mid 30 ish. Just as handsome as he wants to be, with a nice athletic physique to compliment that handsome face of his ;). He has 2 of the most beautiful little girls I’ve ever seen. (Just plain ole stinkin’ gorgeous!) He loves those babies to pieces!

I met him over 5 years ago at a place I used to work.  We have remained friends and actually have gotten pretty close over the years. He has spent the night at my house (on the couch), more times than I can count over the years. As a matter of fact, he spent the night with me and the boys the day they came home, over 4 years ago. He was the first person to meet my kids, that wasn’t a family member and he’s actually the only consistent male they have ever had in their life.

It’s actually pretty ironic that we have never dated. I always knew he had a crush on me, and I’ll admit that I always have had one on him as well, but we have never acted on those feelings. We have gone out as friends numerous times over the years, both with the kids and sans kids.  We do many things as friends almost on a weekly basis. Two weeks ago, he SURPRISED ME and showed up at my front door unannounced and took me out for lunch at our favorite restaurant. Just about every time we go out to eat, with or without the kids, we eat at this restaurant. It has become our special place.

Just this past week, him and I met at the library, so I could teach him more about web design, and afterwards, we took the kiddos to DQ for ice cream. (Although Boogy, didn’t get any because he is on punishment for being kicked out of school). And today, we worked out together.

This past January 1st, was a momentous day in our friendship. It was a day that altered my life forever in both a good and bad way. That evening I went and visited  Mr. Incredible  after spending almost the whole day with the Mister. Something horrible happened that day with the Mr. and Mr. Incredible was there to support and comfort me through it. Coincidentally, he was a HUGE support when I was going through that whole Joey ordeal, as well. Anyway, he went on to tell me that night about all the feelings he had for me over the years. I mean he totally spilled the beans….Like OMG!  lol and I went on to express all the feelings I have held stored up inside of me for the past 5 years. Every since that day, it’s been awkward between us, but in a good way…lol

So why have we never dated? That’s a great question! TIMING is NEVER right for us, as a matter of fact, it still isn’t 🙁 There has always been something going on, in one or both of our lives, that has prevented us from dating.  I always tease with my friends that one day, 5 years from now when we work through all our issues,  Mr. Incredible and I are going to get married. LOL

Now that everything is out in the open, being around him is like torture. It’s like we can never go back to that place of just being friends, but at the moment we can’t go forward..SERIOUS TORTURE!  The poet Odd?Rod put it best when he said:

Potential love will always be an unfinished sentence…perhaps at the only jail we didn’t want to walk out of. – Odd?Rod


Mr. Incredible asked me a couple days ago, “If I regret the day we both came clean?”

I told him, ” No, no regrets whatsoever!  I’m not so naive to believe that it [us as a couple] is a certainty. Not sitting around waiting on it to happen. If it never does, I’ll always smile at the idea of the possibility. No my friend – No regrets!”

After all, bloggy friends, if that perfect time ever comes, at least he now knows how I feel…


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