So on the last installment of The Chronicles of Nausea … I introduced the new character: The Mister. (For a recap of that please click on the previous links)

Today (11/29/10)  since I have some free time I suppose I will try to write the latest installment. Not sure when I will finish though..

So it’s 12/12/10 and as you can see I am not finished but I am going to give it another

Ok, around the beginning of October after SEVERAL failed attempts of going out, me and The Mister FINALLY went out to breakfast. I was all nervous and not expecting much of anything to come of it, but I  REALLY enjoyed myself  and his company and I was EXTREMELY mad at myself for waiting so long to go out with him.

Well the breakfast lead to many more “dates” and then we pretty much started hanging out everyday. We (The kids and I) spent almost the entire week of Thanksgiving  with The Mister’s family at his aunt’s house. We started hanging out so much that his family started asking  where I was if I didn’t come by that day.

I was reluctant but I introduced him to my kids way sooner than I had anticipated. After about 3 weeks… It was just too hard and too cost prohibitive being a single mom always having to find a babysitter.

So far I haven’t regretted it. The jury still out on whether I will or not. Time will tell. The reason I was reluctant (If it isn’t obvious) is that my kids get attached to people so easily. I just don’t want them to get all attached to him and he bails…..Then I’ll have to help mend their little broken hearts all while I am trying to mend mine…

They want a dad so bad. I feel sorry for the poor little guys. I have already gotten the” Are you going to marry the Mister ?” questions.

The Mister is very understanding when I can’t get a babysitter and is pretty welcome to bring the kids along when we go out… As a matter of fact, he is more willing to bring them along than I am. I know it’s selfish, but sometimes I don’t want to   We do a lot of Blockbuster nights, because it’s pretty much the easiest thing to do during the week and we don’t have to get a sitter because the kids are generally in bed. We also do outings “just for the kids” which also sometimes includes bringing his 7 y/o God daughter, whose a little cutie patootie!

The Mister and I, both work from home, which is an added bonus (and sometimes a  huge distraction from getting work and therefore we get to see a lot of each other during the day. We often run errands together. One of my favorite things to do with him is go grocery shopping. (I know I’m But I love the fact that he  will spend hours with me in the grocery store, pushing my basket, listening to me go on and on about nothing. (smiles :D)

The Monsters absolutely love him! They think the man is the Second Coming and go on and on about him like he can walk on water. They literally fight about who is going to sit behind him in the car…(SERIOUSLY). All I hear is the Mister this and the Mister that and I like him because he took us here and he gave me that and blah blah

Destructo told me one night:”Hey Ma, you never had a friend like the Mister before.

Me: Ok.

Destructo: I like him because he takes us places and buys us stuff.

Me: I’m glad you like him Destructo.

Destructo: Ma, where you get that kind of friend from? (Serious as can be)



D: Ma, can we go to the movies?

Me: No D

D: Ma, can we go to the mall?

Me: (Trying to get him to leave me alone) Ask the Mister (who was driving at the time)

D: Ma the Mr is in charge now?

Me and the Mister: LOL

Me: Ummmm NO I’m still in charge, well he’s in charge sometimes, Ummm we’re both in charge…

Gotta love that kid!!!

Overall, I am excited to be on this journey.  I really like the Mr. I must say that I have already gotten really attached to him (in a good healthy way) Something I have not allowed myself to do in a REALLY long time, due to the fear of being hurt. But slowly but surely I am opening up my heart to him more and more.

I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds. I think this one may be a keeper…. 😉 Time will tell…lol


  1. Addie on December 21, 2010 at 2:00 pm

    Hi, I read your blog… but Im a little upset that you used the word “retarded” in this post (ok, more than a little upset)… I have a son with Down Syndrome and I dont like him being compared to something/one you find stupid… I know you didnt mean it that way, but now that you know how hurtful it is, Im begging you to give it up…

    But glad you found someone that you like and is making you happy

    • Mommy to the Monsters on January 9, 2011 at 5:46 pm

      Sorry no offense as meant, butwith all due respect,not everything I say and do is going to please evereyone

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