Like my title? You are probably wondering “What in the ham sandwich is this post all about?”   LOVE OF COURSE…. because after all it does make you sick to the stomach most of the time 😀

If you’ve been paying attention in the past couple of months I embarked on a quest to master the art of dating/courtship.…Well let’s just say that hasn’t happen and in fact I am still wearing training wheels  w/no immediate plans to take them off.  And in all actuality, there have been no actual dates…lol But I have met a few really great  guys….

I’ve been extremely hesitant to post anything online because after all, if anything ensues one day “He” (You know the one who finally wins my heart) is going to read this blog and ummm that might not be too ummm good….lol

As I am writing this, I am having an internal debacle about what to post or not to post or should I just scrap this whole post all together….But what the heck……Writing is My Therapy…

AND it’s not like you actually know them or will ever meet them in real life  (well maybe some of you will especially my twin or my family or other friends who may read this blog) so they will be ok…..I HOPE :/


Anyhoo, let me introduce the players…

The Doctor

The Doctor really doesn’t have much  significance other than I needed a 3rd person to add to my title LOL…He was a nice man I met online, kind of like Same Name Guy 1 and Same Name Guy 2.. It never went anywhere just a few brief convos. But he is a Trauma Doctor at a local hospital here in the city where I live. Nice guy, AA, 30ish, OMG HE IS SOOOOOOOOOOO FINE!!!!!!!!! but we just didn’t keep the convo going….It would have been kind of cool to say I was dating a Dr., but hey it never got there (or hasn’t yet..maybe I should contact him ….MOVING ON……LOL

Speaking of Same Name Guy 1 & 2

Speaking of Same  Name Guy 1 (SNG1)….I talked/text with him for a while after our initial convo, the last time being on Mother’s Day. He texted me to tell me Happy Mother’s Day. But I haven’t conversed with him since then.

For the recap on SNG1 -He is AA/Mid 30ish, 1 daughter..Has a business very similar to mine. He never talked much about his daughter, as a matter of fact I don’t even know her name or how old she is….. :/

On to Same Name Guy 2 (SNG2), after the last post where I talked about him, we talked online for a little while and then on the phone…… Our first convo…….we had THE BEST CONVERSATION. Laugh,  joked, played ALL NIGHT LONG…talked for 3+ hr about nothing and everything!!!!!! It was FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Recap on SNG2 – He is CC/Late 20s, 2 biracial (AA/CC ) sons age 7 & 3, owns a business similar to mine , also has ownership in a Italian Restaurant franchise…He is pretty “well to do”.

His sons are too adorable. I LOVED THEIR names….I secretly pictured our little family in the back of my mind. We would go so perfectly together…..CC Daddy, AA Mommy, 4 Biracial Sons ages 3,4,5 & 7….Can’t you just picture us? We are too cute!!! (At least in my mind’s eye we are) LOL

We have so much in common and it was nice that he is a single dad with full custody of his kids…he totally “got” why I talked about my kids all the time and never got bored with it….Sigh ….Sadly, we haven’t spoken in a while….with all going on w/ his businesses, kids and unfortunately., he was going through chemo treatment for cancer..Life just got in the way..and we lost touch…. I wonder how he is all the time…Pray that he is ok…..LORD PLEASE LET HIM BE OK….


Then that leads me to….

The Dummy

Actually The Dummy is 3 people…he he he..So I will just categorize 1 & 2 together because they pretty much did the same exact dumb thing. I’ll call them D1 & D2 and call Dummy #3  The Dummy, for blog posting purposes.  Umm k, did you all get that? – D1, D2, and The Dummy.

D1 & D2 are people from my past I won’t say at what point in time …JUST from my past…. they both contacted me this year  trying to be all friendly with me….Both said that whatever they had going on with their exes is now over and wondered if I was still single and if would I be interested in them again?

Pardon my french, but WTF?!!?!?! Do I look like your freaking back up plan? To requote a tweet I posted earlier this week: Im a priority, not a convenience, alternative, or last resort!!! When I was interested in your stupid (blankety blank blank) you chose “Ms. Thang” and now that plan A didn’t work out you want to come back to me…..Do I look like Boo Boo The Fool…I must have S.U.C.K.E.R. written on my forehead….. but

Now let’s talk about the Dummy…The Big Dummy…lol  I met The Dummy online (got to stay off the internet …lol) I should have ran screaming in the other direction after his first question, but me (Like the dummy genius I am), kept talking to him.

He sent me some smart allecky question about being a Christian, and I came back with a cleverly thought out response…..

He thought it was ingenius ..I loved that he thought it was ingenuius and conversation ensued….

We ended up chatting online for hours that night or the next day or something , I can’t remember. It was one of the dopest conversation’s I have had this year. Without going into detail it was a conversation like I have never had before….-I LOVED his (Dirty minds don’t go wasn’t that kind of

I know you’re probably wondering: Where did it all go wrong , seeing that you call him The Dummy and all? Let me get to that….lol

After the AWESOME online chats we had we finally had phone convos…and :/ let’s just say I liked him better when we just chatted online…It was like I was talking to a completely different person. (Heck maybe I He was really demanding and emotional….and Honey child, I  got enough emotions to carry 5 people….so ummmm er…ummm NO…LET ME BE THE GIRL…..LOL

Anyhoo, it ended with him being mad at me after I wouldn’t change my plans one weekend to go out with him. I literally had something to do  ALL DAY, EVERYDAY that weekend….and we had discussed earlier in the week going out and he wouldn’t decide on a definite time..SOOOOOOOOOOO I made other boo…If I really liked him I probably would have changed my plans, but I didn’t so Ummmm NO! especially since you couldn’t make up your mind earlier in the week and kept coming at me with the “Let’s play it by ear” crap…..Are you crazy? – a single mother of 2 small kids who also runs a business full time can’t EVER play anything by ear….I have to get babysitters in advanced..ESPECIALLY FOR THESE MONSTERS……At least give me a day, a time of day – morning, evening, midnight something…Play by ear don’t work  over here boo boo….(He’s single , no kids, and has the same weekly work and church schedule, He could’ve picked a time….) then wanna get mad at me (hmph) lol

I mean like he was SERIOUSLY mad at me, Pitching a Fit and all..I was like ummm that’s ok boo boo…we don’t need to talk anymore….Big


Then there is (sigh) lol

The Dancer

The Dancer kind of crept up on me….cause I really wasn’t paying him much attention at first (Love you dancer..mean it) But slowly but surely he is tearing down the walls of my heart….  This may all come as a shocker to him. But I’m sure he knows (he better) that he is special to me. (HE BETTER) lol

Just a lil 411 on The Dancer…He’s a BABY-Early 20s,  well obviously he is a dancer….#duh, choreographer, teacher, blah blah blah (snore) lol. I met him on a business trip for one of my clients like 2 or so months ago…He already knew who I was..which of course got him extra brownie points with me…lol. We had a few awesome convos while on the trip and we have been texting, chatting, talking on the phone ever since….

He is from one state, lives in another and has plans to move to my state soon (No no no, not for me …lol) For  his own personal purposes….He’s actually been here (different city though) for over a week…and I still haven’t seen him….. :/

But anyhoo, all in all I hope we stay really good friends if not anything else…. 😉

That’s it Bloggy Friends…..The First Part of the Chronicles of Nausea: The Doctor, the Dummy and the Dancer…Stay tuned for Part 2……

Just in case you were wondering I talk just like I write with all the sidebars and sidenotes and

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  1. Single Mom Seeking on July 26, 2010 at 10:39 pm

    Wow, you have been busy!! You know that I get it: that fine line between wanting to open up about your dating life to get feedback… and knowing it’s public. Hey, I figure that if he’s smart enough to Google and find out what you’re writing… that’s curiosity at its finest. And curiosity is a good quality, isn’t it?

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